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Twilight Thorn is a Giant Nobody and the first boss in the video game, Kingdom Hearts II. A Nobody with multiple thorns and strong fists, it has the ability to dodge many enemies attacks and to summon Creepers Nobodies to his side and creating balls of energy, which it threw to enemies. It appears in the Dive into Heart World as the shadow of Roxas, just like theDarkside appears in this world as the shadow of Sora. He is a minor player in the Disney Villains War 2 and the Video Game Villains War.

Disney Villains War 2

Fight Of The Giants

When Xaldin confronted the young keyblade master named Vanitas, who has been tasked by Ansem to kill the remained members of the Organization XIII, he challenged him into a duel of their monsters. As Vanitas summoned the Darkside, the former member show his top card, The Twilight Thorn of course. At first the nobody had the upper hand ny slaying the Heartless with his bare fists. However when the Nobody witness the death of his master, he didn't see that one Darkside, who beat it, was still alive, leaving his final breath at the hands of the heartless before disappearing into the void.

Video Game Villains War

A minion of Marluxia, the Twilight Thorn is sent out to aid Fortune in her battles with Organization XIII's enemies. Marluxia, ever suspicious of Fortune's motives, sends the Thorn as an insurance policy to make sure the mission is a success. Fortune travels to the lair of Vayne, hoping to exterminate the emperor. However, two foes get in her way: Doctor Cid and Judge Bergan. The Thorn tries to beat down Judge Bergan, but the judge manages to slash his foe away. The Thorn reprises his assault, using a massive energy to destroy Bergan's chest from the inside out. The explosion, however, stuns the Thorn. Doctor Cid opens fire on the Thorn, holding it in place. No sooner does Cid do this than does Fortune turn traitor and wipe out the Thorn with her gun.