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Troopmon are the soldiers of the Bagra Army.AppearanceTroopmon are Unknown Level Digimon that resemble undead military soldier-like creatures with masks and weild guns.Digimon Xros WarsThey first appeared in Taiki's dream, and when Taiki and the others appeared in the Digital World and the Green Zone. An army of Troopmon show up as part of MadLeomon's army, but he quickly absorbs them to digivolve into Armed MadLeomon.More several Troopmon appeared in numerous episodes who serve other generals such as IceDevimon, and Grademon. Most of them are killed. During the invasion and final battle with Xros Heart in the real world, more several Troopmon were sent to attack Xros Heart. Then DarknessBagramon killed all the Troopmon along with the rest of the army. AttacksKhorošó AttackDeath March

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