Towa is the main antagonist in the video game Dragon Ball Online and a secondary antagonist in the anime series Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Super Dragon Ball Heroes. She is a demon sorceress of the Demon Realm and the younger sister of the demon king Dabura. Formely a brilliant scientist, Towa descended into villainy due to her path for vengeance, after seeing Majin Buu killing her brother. A powerful sorceress with unimaginable powers, Towa appears in the finale of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war as an ally of Dr. Facilier and Hades.


Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Villains Battles 2: the Second Dimension

First phase

Having kept herself hidden from the war (alongside Mira and her new ally, Mirage) to watch the events of the war in her dimension, Towa decided to gather new allies and Mirage suggested her to bring back three fallen villains from the war. After her ally gave her a power in boost, Towa succeeds in reviving the lion Scar, the Saiyan Turles and the Evil NamekianLord Slug.

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