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Tombstone is a minor gangster in the Marvel universe, turned into a primary antagonist of the superhero, Spiderman, in The Spectacular Spiderman television series. A cunning but bare-fisted mobster, Tombstone is a secondary player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Tricks and Treachery

When the Kingpin kills his chief rival, Sykes, Tombstone makes plans to take Sykes's place in the power vacuum that ensues. He goes to Sykes's funeral, hoping to gain the loyalties of Sykes's subordinates, only to discover that Sykes's old partner, Mace Malone, intends to take control of the territory. Determined to take power, Tombstone infiltrates Malone's hideout, the notoriously labyrinthine Hotel Cabal. Fortunately for Tombstone, he pockets Malone's personal key during the funeral, so to easily make his way through the lair. As Tombstone moves through the corridors, windows begin shutting, cutting him off from the light. In mere seconds, the floor begins collapsing beneath him. Tombstone runs, but razor-sharp boomerangs shoot out of the walls and embed themselves in his back. Tombstone painfully pulls them out, coming face to face with Mace Malone himself. Malone tries to gun Tombstone down, but Tombstone uses his own tommy gun to shoot Malone and his rifle down an elevator shaft. Tombstone leaves Malone to his fate: eternal wanderings throughout the hotel without a key.

Fall from Power

Tombstone gets a call from David Xanatos, warning him that Pete is planning to take over his territory. Tombstone tracks Pete to a facility in which the cat is turned into a massive monstrosity. Pete leaps onto a crane and swings at Tombstone. Tombstone, however, seizes the crane's controls and drops Pete into the bottom of the facility. Just as Tombstone is about to escape, though, the Green Goblin destroys a key bridge out of the facility. Tombstone's subsequent delay affords the Green Goblin enough time to take over his territory. Disgraced, Tombstone lays low throughout the rest of the war.

Cartoon Villains War

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