Tighten is the main antagonist of the Dreamworks animated feature, Megamind. An artificially created superhero gone bad, Tighten is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Heroes Vs Villains?

When Gallaxhar and Madame Gasket arrive on Earth, hell bent on enslaving humanity, Tighten joins forces with Vector to put an end to their invasion. Tighten initially uses his heat vision of Gallaxhar to knock him away, only for Gasket to hit him in the gonads with a steel pipe. Enraged, Tighten grabs the steel rod that Gasket is still holding and hurls it and her into an incinerator. Gallaxhar crushes Tighten under a steel pod, but Tighten tears his way through and smacks the alien aside. Vector then wipes out Gallaxhar's entire fleet.

Vs The Trix

When Mandragora's forces attack his city, Tighten tries to destroy them; he ends up at the losing end of a battle with a giant centipede. To Tighten's fury, the Trix arrive and begin destroying the insects. In his rage, he hefts up a piece of machinery and kills the centipede that knocked him back. He then turns to the Trix, blasting away both Icy and Stormy with his heat vision. He grabs a massive steel pipe and tries to kill them all, but they teleport him to the lair of Shang Tsung, whom Tighten witnesses draining the soul of a dead soldier. Tighten looks on, horrified.

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