Three Bells of Tinabula
The Three Bells of Tinabula are legendary artifacts featured in TaleSpin. they only appear in the two-part episode "For Whom the Bell Klangs". They appear as sound weapons which, when restored, combined, and effected, can restore the ancient city of Tinabula to its former glory. Sought after the villanous Thaddeus E. Klang for his own designs, the Bells were hidden across the world until the explorer Katie Dodd found them, though they were seized by Klang. After kidnapping Ms. Dodd, Klang used the three bells to uncover the lost city of Tinabula, just as the legends had predicted. Activating the city's ancient weapon, Klang threatened to shake the city of Ghafia to dust unless they paid a one-million-guilder ransom. Fortunately, Ms. Dodd, Baloo, and Louie used a secret device - the Master Bell - to cause an earthquake that completely destroyed the city, and apparently Klang too. Reduced to crumbled ruins, Tinabula will remain a lost civilization forever.

Regarding the villain wars, the Bells appear in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains as one of the legendary artifacts summoned by Jafar, which he used as the end of the bargain for his alliance with Mozenrath.

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