Thot is the Egyptian God of the moon and the wisdom. Thot appears as a hero character in the television series, "Tutenstein", and as a neutral character in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Judging Tzekel Khan

During the final events of the war, the spirit of the now dead shaman, Tzekel Khan, found his way to the court of Osiris. There, the gods decide to judge Tzekel Khan's fate. As it was revealed, Thot found Tzekel Khan's soul cruel and he must be punished for his evil crimes. But Anubis remined Thot that the Underworld Torturer, Ammut, was recently killed, and for that they must find a replacement. Seeing Tzekel Khan's potential, Thot and Anubis, christiened Tzekel Khan as the new Underworld Torturer, much to the pleasure of the shaman.

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