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The Wolves are minor villains in the animated movie "Happily Ever After". Once captured by the Evil Queen, the Wolves currently serve Lord Maliss, even at the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War


Lord Maliss orders the wolves to kill Merlock, while at the same time searching for a magic lamp. However, it turns out that Merlock has gained the magic lamp. Using the genie of the lamp, Merlock orders him to kill the ferocious beasts. The genie obliges and blasts with his magic at the wolves, killing them.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Chasing a Former Emperor

Lord Maliss sets the wolves on a foreign land, hoping to find more heroes to capture. Soon enough they spot Kuzco, in the form of llama, wandering in a forest. Pursuiting the llama, the wolves corner Kuzko into an edge of a cliff. At the same time, Maliss charges at full speed at Kuzco, only to be rescued by Pacha, leaving Maliss to hit Scowl instead, who interfers in the battle, as he wanted to show his true potential as a villain. The Wolves later return to the Queen's castle.