The Wolf is a hungry and cunning hunter wolf who wants to eat his meals in time. He is one of the secondary villains in the disney animated film The Sword In The Stone. Despite that he didn't make an appearance in the villain tournaments, due to his unpopularity of the fans, he is a minor player in the Heroes vs Villains Tournament.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

In this war, the Wolf makes a cameo appearance, appearing in a vision, created by Maleficent, in which he is about to eat Arthur, while the boy was still a squirrel. He is not seen after the cutscene again, but is presumed that, the Wolf misses his meal, since Arthur makes his way from the forest, along with Merlin, to Merlin's cottage.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Chasing Some Predators

During the events of the war, the "Sword in the Stone's wolf version", along with some other Black Forest Wolves and the "Make Mine Music" Wolf version, were recruited by Clayton on a mission to kill Littlefoot and his company. Scared to see the wolves, Littlefoot and his friends run to a snowing mountain. The wolves, seeing the dinosaurs actions, begin to pursue them. However, Littlefoot had the idea to throw to the wolves, a snowball, turning later in the downhill into a giant snowball. The other wolves flee from the mountain as soon as they can. However, "the Sword in the Stone's wolf version", wasn't able to make it out from the mountain, as the snowball came towards to him. The snowball manages, not only to throw the wolf into a river, and also throws to the animal a log, stucking the wolf inside of it. His fate, after the fight, is unknown.

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