The Valentine Brothers' Ghoul Minions

The Valentine Brothers' Ghoul Minions are minor villains in the Hellsing manga and it's resulted anime series, Hellsing: Ultimate. A horde of Nazi vampire soldiers, commanded by the Valentine Brothers, comprised by Luke and Jan. The Ghoul Minions are minor players in both the third Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War and the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

The Ghouls are summoned at the doorsteps of Xanatos' Indusries skycraper, where Jan and Luke, orders them to kill the criminal leader, David Xanatos and his family. With Luke distracting the main force, the ghoul minions proceed to hall of the Eyrie Building, though being severly damaged by the security force. They then happen upon Fox, who is waiting for them. After Jan knocks out Fox, he begins to rally his troops, by creating a phalanx shield, in order to kill Xanatos' baby, Alexander. However, Fox, in agony, summons a powerfull energy blast, that wipes out several men of Jan. The exact fate of the other ghouls remains currently unknown, though it is may assumed that they have retreated, along with Luke, after Jan's fall.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

On behalf of the Major's orders, Jan and Luke Valentine lead their trooto createps to the gates of Cobra's Industries. After a short interruption, with the defenses of COBRA, Jan orders his troops to fire, successfullly killing he guards. The then proceed to devour the guards, while inside Cobra's mansion. Once breaking in, they are happened upon Storm Shadow, the Baroness and Destro. After Storm Shadows hacks off several men of Jan, the psychotic Nazi has his remain troops produce a phalanx formation, unable for the enemies to destroy it. However, the Baroness manages to wipe out many of Jan's men, due to her power equiped armor. Jan, himself, meets his end, when Cobra Commander and his allies shoot him to death. The Ghoul minions of the Brothers are not featured aftewards.

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