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 The Undertaker (AKA Cain the Undertaker) is a villain from WWF/E. In the show he was mystyrues Wrestler who was the primary antagonist of many of the storylines in the WWF/E.

He is a villain in the Worst Villain Tourament Ever

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Round 6: Roundtable of Inferno

The Undertaker didn't fight but made a cameo at the end of round 6, Foreshadowing his future appearances in the War.

Round 7: Preparing For the Purge

The Undertaker made surprise appearance at the end of Thugs-4-Less Robot's and Dungeon of Doom's fight, right after The Sorceress and The Giant had been killed. He interrupted the fight by saying his famous 1994 Royal Rumble promo, then he awaked, destroying Thugs-4-Less Leader's Robot and Gleeman Vox's Machine, killing both of them. Paul Bearer, the Mortician of Undertaker, then prayed and made Taker living being again, possibly joining to help Dungeon of Doom.


  • During Taker's speech, Images of Painis Cupcake, Marquis De Singe, Hakuoh and Krusha flashed. This could possibly reference them being the strongest, but not as strong as Taker. Painis has been the best Neutral fighter so far, Marquis is playing god and causing crisis with his secret experiment, Hakuoh is hyped by Malmoth and Krusha is probably the most intelligent villain in the tournament.
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