The Tartarus
The Tartarus is the deepest layer of the Underworld, originally mentioned in ancient Greek mythology, as the a dungeon, torment, and prison for the Titans, as well as for the wicked souls, who received judgement and divine punishment, based on their actions from their previous life. In modern fiction, the Tartarus is heavily featured as an non-mortal afterlife plane of existence, alongside with the Underworld, usually affiliated with works, based on ancient Greek myths. The Tartarus also appears as one of the central locations of Dreamworks' animated film, Sinbad: Legend of the Seas, where it is ruled by the Goddess of Discord, Eris.

The Tartarus is also featured in the villain tournaments context, being a seperate entry to that of the location from the Disney film, Hercules, with the location from Sinbad: Legend of the Seas, being used to represent it's existence.

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