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Sultan Hamed

Monarch of Agrabah

Sultan Hamed (commonly known simply as "the Sultan") is the legitimate ruler of Agrabah and a supporting character of the film Aladdin. His daughter Princess Jasmine is lusted over by his corrupt vizier Jafar, and is one of the central figures in Disney Heroes vs Villains.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Dealing with Zigzag and the One-Eyes

The Sultan gets a visit from Zigzag, an advisor of King One-Eye, who requests to the Sultan to surrender his kingdom to the One-Eyes. The Sultan and Jafar, however, refuse to Zigzag's offer and cast him out. Though Zigzag promises that he would return, along with the One-Eyes' armanda. As it turns out, Zigzag brings the One-Eyes to the gates of Agrabah, where they are ready to destroy the entire kingdom. Despite being outnumbered, Jafar manages to anniilate the entire race of the One-Eyes, before plummeting Zigzag into a pit. Claiming himself victorious, the Sultan is caught off guard to notice Jafar's true nature, as he disposes the Sultan from the throne and becomes the new Sultan of Agrabah. With the Sultan not appearing in the later events, it is assumed that he perishes at the hands of Jafar.

Disney Villains War

Losing and Reclaiming the Throne

Learning of Shan Yu's invasion at his kingdom, the Sultan orders to his grand vizier, Jafar, a plan to stop him for good. Jafar makes sure to the Sultan that he will get rid of Shan Yu, though not explaining his secret plans for usurping. When Jafar manages to take out Shan Yu, he usurps the Sultan, becoming the new sultan himself, while the former Sultan remains as the entertainer and slave of the new Sultan. However, the Sultan reclaims his former position, after a vengeful Shan Yu and Hades kill the genie of sight.

Disney Villains War 2

Losing the Throne...Again

However, the Sultan's rule does not last for long, as his kingdom is once again terrorrised by an offscreen player, Mirage. Consuming the entire kingdom in darkness, Mirage uses the opportunity to take out from the throne, the Sultan, hoping that Frollo will focus on the disappearance of the Sultan, rather than Mirage and her partner, Hades.

Becoming a Warrior

Evil Sultan Hamed

After Prince Phobos takes over Agrabah, he transforms the former Sultan of Agrabah, into a dark twisted version of his own image. Wanting to test his strenght, Phobos sends the Sultan, along with Aladdin and Jasmine, who at the time were both dark beings, controlled by the new tyrant, to kill the former advisor of the Sultan, Jafar. After Jafar knocks out Jasmine, the Sultan steps in, only to be forced back by Jafar's blasts. The Sultan then grabs a log of a tree and sends it right to Jafar, knocking him out. Thinking that they have won, the Sultan is caught off guard, when he witness Jafar, taking the form of a genie. In a single blast, the Sultan and Aladdin are falling from a cliff to their demise.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War

Unwanted House Guest

The Sultan intervenes in the fight between Aladdin and Zigzag, after seeing the sorcerer threatening his royal family. Zigzag escapes, driving the other palace guards to search after him.


Realising his position threatened by Zigzag's masters Mok and Maleficent, the Sultan joins the Royal Council at King Stefan's castle for the purpose to make his own stand against the villains. Shortly thereafter, the Council is ambushed by the forces of the Horned King, who arrived to stop opposition, as well as to acquire the Black Cauldron currently in the Council's possession. Before he can even put up a fight, the Sultan is teleport to the Horned King's dungeons by Queen Gnorga.


Later on, the Sultan is released from captivity thanks to the interference of the Medieval Warriors. After being rescued, the Sultan is amonst the royal heroes who provide their soldiers in aiding the resistance in the battles against the villains He is also seen when the Council debated for choosing the chosen royal champions to aid the Holy Land's task-force, which revealed to be Sirs Ector and Kay, and Prince Phillip.


Following the victory of the resistance against the forces of Mok and Maleficent, King Stefan hosts a huge celebration at his castle, an event the Sultan also attends. Along with Aladdin and Jasmine, the Sultan returns to Agrabah to restore order in the city.

Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two


While relaxing at the Sultan's palace in Agrabah, having grown weary after the previous war, Aladdin and his companions were ambushed by ruthless warriors led by the sorcerer Keldor, who arrived with intentions to claim the city as their own.

The Royal Council discuss

After the attack by Keldor, Sultan suggested they inform the Royal Council. Suddenly, Scuttle arrived to tell them about the attack in the Northern waters. Alarmed by Scuttle's warnings, Aladdin and his friends headed off to stop the attack, while the seagull flew to find more help. In addition, the Sultan made arrangements to inform King Stefan about the new attacks.

Villains Battles 3

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