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The Spirit of the Book is, like her name says, an evil spirit residing in a book of spells. First appearing in the animated film Care Bears: The Movie, she played a very minor role in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Appearing in the homemade round, the Spirit of the Book has her servant, Nicolas, enter the oceans to take down Morgana. She summons a raven to take down the sea witch, but Morgana destroys it with her trident. Morgana then forces Nicolas to close the book and destroy the Spirit in the process.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Spirit of the Book rules Wonderland jointly with the Wizard of Wonderland at the beginning of the war. Matters begin to change when the forces of Prince Froglip and Queen Gnorga attack Wonderland. The Spirit, in unison with her servant, Nicolas, forsees the troll uprising and readies a counter-assault. The Spirit works to stun Froglip with her magic, only for Gnorga to get in the way. The Spirit begins working on a spell to turn Gnorga into a rosebush, but Gnorga takes control of NIcolas. With her servant out of her control, the Spirit is helpless as Nicolas closes the book and annihilates her.