The Space Conference
The Space Conference is a meeting of several galactic species, across the universe. It is origined in the final events of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three. It's scenes are taken from many television show's characters, adressing their own speech to the other characters.


Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

The Gathering

With the situations going worse and the fact that a new war would start, several galactic species, included the Saurians, the Mutants of Denebria, the forces of Lord Dregg and Emperor Zurg, form a meeting that it would determine the fate of their own empire. While leaving their previous conflicts, the aliens form the meeting, for the reason to find a solution in their continuously conflicts.

Skeletor's Speech

At first, Skeletor addresses his speech, claiming that Flogg and rest of the Mutants would make an offer for peace. To that end, Skeletor appoints his ambassador of peace, Slush Head. Even though Skeletor makes an offer for peace, the Saurians' leader, Lord Dragaunus, is suspicious about the whole event, that is occuring.

Slush Head's Short Speech

At first Slush Head handshakes with Skeletor, but before he would shake hand with Flogg, he gets beaten by Flogg's fist. Despite that, Slush Head directs his speech to the crowd, only for him to forget his lines. Skeletor then reminds to Slush Head the lines, only to call him at the same time, "dummy". However, this proves to be a mistake for Slush Head, as he exclaims to the galactic council the exact words of Skeletor, along with his profany. Hearing Slush Head's words, Skeletor bangs his head to his desk.

Emperor Zurg's Speech

When it was time for Zurg to speak, he requests complete surrender to his authority and explained how everyone would become mindless drones in his empire and have long workdays in cramped cubicles. NOS-4-A2 makes an objection to Zurg's request, only to be silenced by the galactic warlord. The meeting ends with both species having no other problems to interrogate.

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