The Sorceress The Little Mermaid
The Sorceress ( from the Little Mermaid) is a minor villain in the animated series of the Little Mermaid in the episode Red, trying to get the Trident from King Triton by the evil fish Glowfish while she is imprisoned in a cave. She bears many similarities to the sea witch Ursula,  to the fact that both are the enemies of King Triton, both are witches with with many talents at dark magic and both tried to gain the trident but they lost in the process. It is interesting to see that her hair looks a lot with the two pets eels of Ursula  Flotsam and Jetsam. But unlike Ursula, The Sorceress's head and hands are physicaly seen while her body hasn't been seen in the episode. She is a minor player in the Disney Villains War 2.

Disney Villains War 2

Gaining The Trident

After Marina Del Ray ordered Glowfish to take trident from the Evil Manta, The Glowfish, fearing for the Sharkarians's power, visit the Sorceress hideout and asked for help to obtain the Trident. She agreed to the task, not knowing the Glowfish that she will use the trident for her own purposes. When she meet the Evil Manta, at first she talked to him with softness that she will break the curse of him, when he was trapped in the first war in a cave just like her, with the power of the Trident. After his refusal, temper began to rise and the Sorceress took the Trident via force with her magic ability to move the Trident into her hands.

Losing The Trident

Gladly that she had the Trident into her hands, she began to used the power of the Trident by freeing herself from her prison cave. It didn't last long until the sea witch, Ursula arrived in her realm and ordered her, politely, to give her the trident. When she refused, Ursula took her matters into her own hands by taking the trident from the Sorceress with her dark magic ability, leaving the Sorceress into the cave imprisoned again. It is unknown if she had died or lived many years imprisoned in the cave

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