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The Sorceress is a villain from Spyro The Dragon franchise. She is a powerful magic-wieldier who wants to kill dragon babies and get their wings.

She appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever as the ally of Dungeon of Doom. In this war, she resurrects The Giant from the dead and fights Cassiopeia the valkyrie.

She is killed when Gleeman Vox teams up with Thugs-4-Less Leader against Dungeon of Doom.

Video Game Villains War

The Sorceress is one of the allies of Gruntilda, one of several soldiers devoted to crushing the forces of King K. Rool, himself now allied with the far more powerful Ganondorf. After Gruntilda combines her forces with those of Dormin, she has the Sorceress go out and try to assassinate Bowser, one of Rool's allies. Though the Sorceress's magic offers the illusion of an upper hand, Bowser is able to use his Bullet Bills to keep her on the defensive. When the Sorceress is readying a spell, Bowser hits her with a spiked bat, sending her plunging into the lava below.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero and Villain Tournament Ever

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