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The Snake, not to be confused with Hista or the other Snake of the Series, is a minor villain in the television series, The Legend of Tarzan, appearing in the pilot episode of the series. The Archive Footage of the Snake is used in Heroes vs. Villains War, as part of Messina's snake form.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

The archive footage of the Snake is used briefly in the minor fight, between Tarzan and Kaa, during the Battle For the Forces Of Nature. It doesn't reappear in the war, however.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Snake's archive footage helps in this tournament, for the snake transformation of Messina. When she encounters Snow White, Messina transforms into her snake form and attempts to capture her, only to be haulted by Jane Porter. Before an enraged Messina would lunge at Jane, Tarzan steps in and challenges the snake. Both Tarzan and Messina recklessly fall down into a massive chasm, though both of them manage to survive. The Snake's footage is not used again for the rest of the war.