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The Skeleton King is the main antagonist of the television series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! and a major player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War. Though his own battles are few, the Skeleton King creates a powerful alliance, acting as one of the war's dominant faction leaders.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Encounters with the Huntsclan

As the Skeleton King approaches earth, he tasks his formless minions with scouting the planet for resources and gathering intelligence. This operation comes to an end when the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl wipe out his troops. Impressed, the Skeleton King invites the Huntsman into his alliance. After the Huntsman refuses his offer, the Skeleton King attacks on impulse. He fires a bolt from his staff, wounding the Huntsgirl. The Huntsman retaliates, launching a salvo of energy into the Skeleton King's face. The Skeleton King survives, however, and triggers his base to collapse. When the Huntsman tries to make a last stand, the Skeleton King sends him flying through a wall. While the Huntsman and Huntsgirl escape, the Skeleton King himself summons his skeleton mount, arriving at a new location.

=An Alliance is Formed

The Skeleton King recognizes that alliances are tantamount to winning villain wars, and thus asks Queen La for an alliance. She accepts. The two set out to add more members to their faction. Queen La meets a failure when her discovery, Tiburon, does not eliminate Drago. The Skeleton King has more luck, adding Mojo Jojo, a monkey scientist able to defeat the powerful Yzma, to the group. By the end of their search, the two have compiled a group composing of Mojo Jojo, Mandarin, Valina, Norton Nimnul, Jack Spicer and Wuya, Technus, and Vlad Plasmius.

Losing the Anubis Jewels

Mojo Jojo collects a group of powerful crystals called the Anubis Jewels. The Skeleton King stores them in Queen La's lair. The two of them encounter two of Odin's Acolytes - Devimon and Hecate - trying to steal the gems. The Skeleton King takes on Hecate, but before he can so much as fire a spell, Hecate cracks through his breastplate. Hecate sends one of her griffins after the Skeleton King as well, but he knocks it out. Before he and La can stop the two Acolytes, they escape with the gems.

Getting Aggressive

The Skeleton King has Nimnul and the newly hired Doctor Doofenshmirtz head out to assassinate David Xanatos. The two fail miserably, both dying in the process. Queen La brings Shendu into the alliance, a demon sorcerer who plans to take over China. Yet the Skeleton King is adamant that Shendu serve him, something the demon sorcerer is not inclined to do. However, the Skeleton King is pleased when Shendu declares that his Dark Hand henchmen will obey Queen La. Furthering his pleasure is the addition of Negaduck to his alliance.

Death at the Second Battle of China

Unaware that Queen La has been killed, the king, alongside Shendu, puts his plan into action. He has his forces invade China, planning to take down Shan Yu and his allies. The move proves to be ruinous, as his forces are decimated, including Mojo Jojo, Skull Sorceress, and Vlad Plasimus. He grows tired of the fight and sends Mandarin to defeat the Huntsgirl, but Mandarin perishes. The King enters the fray personally, defeating the Huntsgirl, and he then turns his attentions to the Huntsman. He attacks wih his magic, but the Huntsman is able to injure him with a blast from his staff. The King retaliates, trapping his enemy in a net, but the Huntsman then grabs the King's exposed heart, weakening him for the moment. Huntsman then capitalizes on his attack and shoots the king with a magic arrow. The Skeleton King staggers back and falls into the river below where he explodes. His alliance, also falls, as Mozenrath destroys Shendu.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three 

Skeleton King in different form

Disney Villains War 3

Decide to be on action

This war made the Skeleton King realize he needed to spring into action.

Vs Warmonga

Making good on his promise to crush both the Earth's forces and Zurg, the Skeleton King moved to Earth where he saw Warhok and Warmonga were also planning to invade. He then engaged them. Warhok and Warmonga destroyed the Skeleton King's forces as he deployed them so he fired a blast from his staff at them, destroying their ship. They both then personally broke into the Skeleton King's ship. Warhok and Warmonga then obliterated all of the Formless Minions. The Skeleton King then blasted Warhok and Warmonga into some vines. However, Warhok managed to break free and engaged the Skeleton King in close combat. The Skeleton King then overwhelmed him and killed him. Seeing this, Warmonga retreated.

A new audience

The Skeleton King used his ooze to brainwash a bunch of circus people and turned them into the Circus of Ooze.The Circus of Ooze then recruited the entire audience for the Skeleton King.

Prepare his attack

The Skeleton King approached his allies and informed them their attack on earth began now.Evil Buzz attempted to make an alliance with the Skeleton King but he refused and would only accept once the energy vampire NOS-4a2 was killed. Evil Buzz however saw an opportunity.

Zurg tried to rally his space forces against the Skeleton King by sending XL and Torque to take down Scrapperton, one of the Skeleton King's generals.

New Skeleton King.png

Disney Vs Anime Villains War


Vs Leroy

Skeleton King prepares his forces by joining Mandarin to his cause, just when they were ready Leroy infiltrates Skeleton King's fortress and destroys everything. Skeleton king orders the monkey to destroy the little pest, who will win of this little villains?

Teaming with Zurg

In space Zurg enters the Skeleton King's Fortress to propose an alliance to destroy the Metarex. Skeleton King has no importance of the Metarex, but the Emperor tells that he knows that Leroy's Leader is working with the Metarex to destroy everything in existence. Hearing that the Skeleton King changes his mind and accept to help.

Prepare his forces

Zurg prepares his forces for the great assault at a Metarex Fortress the Skeleton King decides to send mandarin to give him some help as well to look what are the Metarex really up to.


Finally Skeleton King gets the information knowing that the true winner of the conflict was him, know he learns about: The Forestation project.


Mandarin has finally located the "Cloning Machine" which the Metarex have been using to make fake emeralds. Skeleton king wants that machine gone as he reveals his true plan of his alliance with Zurg.Back at Planet Z, Skeleton King has found to power signals, which Skeleton king knows that one of them is a Chaos Emerald. Zurg had enough about failures and decides to find both the signal and the Emerald himself.

Descovering something

Zurg and Skeleton King have found one of the two sources in the Metarex planet, which seems to be very damaged of the War that happened many years. The Zurg and the rest of his allies might discover something big that happened between Dark Oak and Warmonga.

Vs Dark Oak and Hamstervil

Zurg and Skeleton King at full speed arrive were the final Chaos Emerald is, as the habitants of the planet don't want to give the emerald Zurg decides to use what he knows best. Soon Dark Oak interferes along with the doctor, the final Tyrants of space are ready to battle. Will Zurg have what it takes to beat his father or will the Foreztation Project will be a success?


Zurg's forces celebrate, finally with the Leader of the Metarex gone no one will stop them, but Zurg has his doubts and orders an assault to destroy his father generals for good.In space, Skeleton King contacts Frieza to deliver the good news and the evil Tyrant decides to wait till the Metarex destruction and then start the elimination of Zurg.

Preparing for the final battle

Skeleton King prepares his army for the upcoming battle against the Metarex as Vegeta and Warp Darkmatter join to his cause to not only kill Zurg but his race as well.

Battle of Galaxy

Zurg launches a full assault with all his forces to stop nothing more than the Forestation Project. The Metarex are prepared for the incoming assault as they confront Zurg's forces, but what will happen when someone starts his plan to end both enemies at once and claim victory?

Vs Zurg

The final battle of the Galaxy is at hand! Skeleton King takes one on one with Zurg in the attempt to beat him escape and leave him with the Galaxy that's about to perish, the emperor must deal with the traitor fast otherwise his father might destroy the Galaxy along with him. Will the Skeleton King's plan succeed or will the Emperor is willing to do a sacrifice?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two


Planet Z is under attack, as Captain Gantu make's to Zurg's Throne room he finds his companions defeated and unconscious. For his terror and surprise Planet Z has a new ruler: the Skeleton King.

Find out about another universes

At Planet Z, the Skeleton King has discovered the existence of Parallel universes and what Zurg had been doing even before the War. And declares that all of the Universes will fall at his hand.

Punishing his allies

After their failure the Skeleton King punishes both Gantu and Mr. Kat, but as it seems Skeleton King's plan is not over.After their last failure the Skeleton King, sends the Z Force at his prison at the bottom of the Pit of Doom. Having them there for a lot of time when he see's the time to use them, but it seems the Skeleton King has his attention in the Vexos.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Vs Charizard

The Skeleton King prepares to make his biggest move by sending out his Formless Minions to take out a very powerful threat. The minions are sent out to take out Charizard, but the fire Pokemon is more than prepared to take more than one formless minion out.

Teaming with Skeletor

After the loss of his Formless Minions, the Skeleton King is unaware what to do until he is visited by Skeletor who offers an alliance.

Preparing for attack

And finally, Skeletor and the Skeleton King welcome their new army, and prepare to launch an attack on Charizard (who escaped the clutches of Narissa somehow) and his forces. Even the Skeleton King knows where Charizard lives.

Vs Forces of Charizard

Before Skeletor and the Skeleton King planned their attack on Charizard, when the Fire Pokemon was still in Narissa's dungeon, Charizard had found a mysterious tunnel and managed to escape from Narissa's castle. Now, with his allies, Venasaur, Blastoise, and Entei, they all prepare for battle against Skeletor and the Skeleton King's minions, Evil Lyn, Trap-Jaw, Beast Man, and Mandarin, and thus a giant battle occurs. But which forces leader will succeed?

Teaming with Shredder

After the failure of defeating Charizard and his forces, Skeletor, the Skeleton King and their forces have mixed feelings on what to do next until they are approached by the Shredder who decides to help them.

Vs Brock

With a new army essembled, The Skeleton King and Skeletor head to Pewter City to face off their next attack on Brock. But the Pokemon trainer has a new Pokemon forces including Onix, Geodude, Vulpix, and Croagunk. However, Skeletor and the Skeleton King's forces are more prepared than expected.

Next Mission

With their victory against Brock and his Pokemon, Skeletor and the Skeleton King celebrate, until they reach word of their next mission.With many things going on like Cobra Commander and Drakken planning to attack Richie, Skeletor and the Skeleton King planning to conqueror the world, and Ash Ketchum trying to escape Limbo, the final battle of the second war is about to begin.

Vs Mew

Mew sees a legendary crystal that is used to determine the world's fate. But Skeletor and the Skeleton King have noticed this, and decide to snatch it away, so that they become kings of the world. But they have to deal with Mew and his secret powers first and fast.

King of world

The same time, Skeletor and the Skeleton King have becomes kings of the world.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Teaming with Hades

Hades is greeted by the two kings of the world, Skeletor and the Skeleton King, who both ask Hades to merge alliances. Hades isn't really sure about this, but agrees to combine alliances just in case anything goes wrong.


The Snow Queen meets up with Hades, Skeletor and The Skeleton King who are completely surprised of her resurrection from Mumm-Ra.

Disney Heores Vs Villains War - Part Two

Heores Vs Villains War - Part Two

Manuel's Villains War

Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Joining Vegeta

Vegeta gathers his newly formed alliance to plan a counter attack against King Dice and Frieza. However he is visited by the Skeleton King and Dark Oak's faction, who want to join him in his uprising to become the emperor of the universe. Vegeta first fears them, but then decides to recruit them. These events are anyway discovered by the faction to which Turles joined, much to their leaders and allies' horror.

Orders for Raditz and Nappa

From orders of Vegeta, the Skeleton King orders Raditz and Nappa to start attacking both factions.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Preparing himself

News of the recent conflicts reaches the intergalactic warlord known as the Skeleton King, who decides to make preparations to intervene in the war.

Vs Lord Commander

The Skeleton King has begun his campaign, and his first intended conquest is Tera Con Prime. Meeting with the planet’s ruler, the Lord Commander, the Skeleton King warns him to surrender peacefully while he still can. However, Lord Commander is more powerful than he looks, and isn’t so willing to submit to the rule of another.

TV Villains Tournament Remake

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War