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The Shredder is the most notable opponent of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, serving as their nemesis in nearly every related animated series, comic book saga, and motion picture. Often considered one of the most versatile villains of the 80s and 00s, the Shredder's personality has differed drastically depending on his incarnation. His 2000s adaptation is a major player in the second Disney v. Non-Disney Villains Tournament, while his 80s version is a secondary player. This page covers the biography of the latter; for the biography of the former, see here.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains


Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Long, long ago, lived an Oberati so fearsome, even Oberon himself trembled at the sound of his name. The Tengu Shredder was an intensely powerful warlord that wanted the rule of Avalon for himself. Eventually, Oberon had to take action. He rallied the help of any of his children he could attain. It took the combined efforts of himself, Titania, Puck,Anansi, Coyote, and the Weird Sisters to strip the Tengu Shredder of his powers and banish him to millenia as a human.

It was on Oroku Saki's first birthday that his parents were killed by a mysterious, flying object that came crashing through their home. The weeping baby was found by a kind, old sensei, who took the child into his dojo. The sensei assumed the baby's survival was nothing short of a miracle.

Saki was ultimately saddled with the destiny of becoming a martial artist, given that he grew up in a Dojo. Sadly he wasn't cut out for it at all. Saki felt as though he had to try twice as hard as any of his fellow apprentices did to even do half as well. Self pity slowly melded into jealousy and rage at his fellow students.

Bored after another humiliating class one night, Saki stumbled upon some old scrolls that depicted legends of the Tengu Shredder. Looking at the drawings, he found himself strangely drawn to them. He found the mere image of the tengu Shredder to be appealing for some reason. Little did he know, he was looking at a picture of his birth father. After his banishment, the Tengu Shredder met, married, and had a child with a young woman, giving birth to Saki. Also unbeknownst to Saki, was that this made him, in a case similar to Janine "Fox Xanatos" Reynard, a half-Fae. The Tengu hoped to raise his half breed son to become a powerful warlord like he was, but his untimely destruction ended this plan.

The next day was yet another large exam, in which students would spar with each other for the right to a belt promotion. Saki felt motivated. He would prove himself.

Saki began his exam, and was doing poorly, as expected. He recieved a kick to the chest  from his opponent that threw him into a bush. While shaking off the blow, Saki found that a gun was enigmatically lying under the bush. He let his rage take control. The fact he'd only be second best in his master's eyes drove him to point the gun at his opponent and fire. Saki's fellow student dropped dead.

Apalled, the members of the Dojo ostracized Saki, who ran away.

Saki found a strange satisfaction in using the gun. He found that he needed technology. He never won without it. Saki escaped to New York where he fashioned himself a set of armor that he based on that of the Tengu Shredder that he strangely admired so much. It was with this new start  he identified himself as the Shredder, and initiated his new ambition of taking over the world.

Saki (now going by the mantle of The Shredder) was finishing work on his technology. Saki refused to hire humans to do his dirty work. He wanted no reminder of his past in the dojo. As a result, his Foot Clan soldiers were composed of purple clad humanoid robots. He also had perfected dimensional technology, and was one of the very few people of Earth capable of doing so besides Mok.

The Shredder demanded a warlord from another world to assist him, WMD the computer responded by teleporting Krang to New York. The two bonded on their similar desires and formed a deadly alliance.

Their minds combined, Shredder and Krang were very successful. With assistance of Baxter Stockman, they more tha doubled their Foot Ninja fleets, perfected mutation (birthing Bebop and Rocksteady) and completing their technical marvel; the Technodrome.

The rise of Shredder and Krang's foot clan reached the ears of Ch'Rell. He amassed his own clan of ninja, Karai and Hun among them, and launched a massive attack on Shredder and Krang. Shredder's robots were no match for the blackclad humans enlisted by Ch'Rell.

The battle was brutal. Ch'Rell dealt with the Shredder by not only humiliating him by taking the mantle of the Shredder (and the name of Oroku Saki as his civilian alias) but by throwing the Shredder through his own dimensional portal, trapping him in Dimension X. Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady were forced to retreat, while Baxter Stockman pleaded for his life, and did well enough at doing so that the new Shredder spared him.

Ch'Rell now had the Shredder's technolgical empire. As Oroku Saki, he brought it to new heights as a brilliant buisness mind. Seeing the Technodrome as an eyesore, he sold it to Valmont of the Dark Hand.

While Ch'Rell enjoyed his time as the Shredder, the true Oroku Saki howled for revenge, lusting for the day he would prove he was more tha second best.

Stuck in Dimension X

Prior to the events of the second war, the Utrom Shredder sends the real Shredder into Dimension X. Without a way of transporting himself back, the Shredder finally gets in contact with his associate, Krang, after much deliberation. With the Utrom Shredder supposedly dead, the two scheme to take over his empire. However, their call gets cut off when Hamsterviel attacks Krang. The hamster-like professor and Emperor Zurg end up defeating Krang, who is forced to build them an interdimensional portal. However, Zurg allows Krang to free the Shredder and the Technodrome from Dimension X.

Defending the Technodrome

Krang eventually comes to the Technodrome, where the Shredder installs him into a new body. The two scheme how best to eliminate Ch'rell, the Utrom Shredder, when Negaduck attacks with a new incarnation of the Fearsome Five. As the Shredder's Foot Clan robots and minions, Bebop and Rocksteady, fail to keep up with the Fearsome Five's assault, Krang roars at his ally to get into the action. Negaduck sends an attack imp after the Shredder; though he knocks the Shredder down, the martial artist recovers and strangles the creature. Don Karnage gives the Shredder a quick kick, but Shredder gets back up. When Phantom Blot knocks out Bebop, who manages to kill Karnage, the Shredder overloads a laser panel and disintegrates the inky menace. In a last ditch attempt to take the Technodrome, Negaduck launches a grenade into the machine; the explosion sends both Krang and Shredder flying into a wall. But Shredder activates the interdimensional transporter and releases a tremendous burst of energy. The blast kills Fat Cat and forces Negaduck to run away.


Krang's body is destroyed in the fight with the Fearsome Five, but he himself survives. The two scheme how to take down the Utrom Shredder, now known to be working on an dimensional-reality breaker: a machine allowing Ch'rell to destroy the universe and rebuild it at his whim. Krang realizes the Shredder's atomic ray might be the only weapon capable of stopping it; the weapon is now in the possession of Valmont. As the two scheme, Karai approaches them with an alliance; she has realized her "father" is too unstable to support.

The Battle of San Francisco

After overcoming some technical difficulties, he Shredder brings his army into San Francisco, ordering them to storm Valmont's lair and find the ray. However, Queen La and Negaduck are keeping the area heavily guarded. The Shredder uses his helmet to disintegrate several of Queen La's leopard men soldiers. He faces some heavy opposition from Coyote, a lethal robot rebuilt by Valmont. The machine manages to tear the Shredder's helmet off, but Karai impales it. Surprisingly, Coyote keeps on functioning, but not once the Shredder crushes it with debris after putting on his helmet again. La knocks the Shredder away, but the Shredder keeps on annihilating her men. When Negaduck arrives in a giant mech, the Shredder fires an arrow at him. Comically, Negaduck bats it away with a tennis racquet. Yet Bebop and Rocksteady kill Negaduck and Karai kills Queen La, securing the Shredder the victory and the atomic ray.

Final Victory

The Shredder informs Xanatos of the Utrom Shredder's plans. As the Battle of New York rages between three different factions, the Shredder returns to Zurg's ship with the atomic ray. After mounting the device on the ship, the Shredder waits for the right opportunity to annihilate his double. Right before the Utrom Shredder can activate his device, the Shredder makes his move. The Utrom Shredder is reduced to nothing more than a pile of ash. The Shredder then takes over the Foot Clan, though DNA testing reveals he is actually Karai's biological father.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Non Disney Villains Tournament


Deep inside the Technodrome, the Shredder and Krang hire Tyler as a new associate in their alliance. The Shredder has Tyler track down a potion deep in the heart of Brazil; though Tyler has to assassinate Tubalcain Alhambra for it, he manages to retrieve it.

Defeat and Escape

While Tyler is on a mysterious leave, the Shredder ends up attacked by Dr. Robotnik and his allies. The Shredder's forces put up a strong defense, but Robotnik's forces win the day. The Shredder takes on the doctor himself, but the better armed scientist blasts the Shredder away with a laser gun. The Shredder smashes his control panel, offering a few seconds of blindness in which he is able to activate his dimensional portal. Before Robotnik and his allies can stop him, the Shredder enters the portal into the live-action universe.

Live Action Troubles

The Shredder heads to the lair of Quan Chi, hoping to acquire one of the demon martial artist's Netherrealm portals to return home. Quan Chi denies his request, opting to take the Shredder on. The Shredder takes an early advantage, using his spear to both knock Chi down and put him on the defensive. But the Shredder grows cocky, reveals his face, and charges headlong at his foe. Chi uses this opportunity to knock the Shredder away, blasting him through the window with a knife.

Even More Realms and Enemies

When Shang Tsung teleports Quan Chi to the CGI dimension, the Shredder follows. Seeking to defeat Quan Chi and take over the CGI universe, the Shredder sets about acquiring allies. He tries to work with Lord Shen, only for the peacock to refuse to work with an "inferior creature." The Shredder bares his katars, hoping to intimidate Shen into joining. Shen, however, simply hurls some knives at the Shredder. The Shredder manages to dodge, readying himself for a lunge from Shen. The two trade blows, with the Shredder pinning Shen between the two blades of his katar. Shen kicks the Shredder away, leaping atop a massive cannon. The Shredder takes the blow head on, falling into a massive pool of water.

Reasserting Power

The Shredder survives his battle with Shen. He meets President Stone, who proposes that they join forces. The Shredder reveals his adopted daughter,Karai, in the meeting. He then tracks down Quan Chi, in possession of an amulet able to control an army of the undead, and fights him for the amulet. He is able to take Quan Chi down with his increased martial prowess, but Shang Tsung comes to his aid and fights him to a standstill. The Shredder lands a fortunate kick on Tsung, but Quan Chi rises up and distracts him. This affords Tsung the opportunity to blast the Shredder away with magic. All seems lost, but a great evil takes control of the army of the undead and kills Shang Tsung. With Quan Chi in retreat, the Shredder and his foster daughter join forces with this new figure.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Xanatos

The Shredder finds his business being impeded by the operations of billionaire and criminal mastermind David Xanatos. Resolving to destroy his rival personally, Shredder breaks into the businessman's home and confronts Xanatos personally, intending to assassinate him then and there. Despite Xanatos' attempts to defend himself, Shredder easily overcomes him with his superior skill. However, as Shredder gloats over his enemy and prepares to kill him, Xanatos smugly reveals that his attempts to fight Shredder have merely been to buy time. At that moment, one of Xanatos’ Steel Clan robots enters. Unprepared to fight the superior arsenal of the robot, Shredder is forced to flee, while Xanatos taunts him.

Building His Army

Returning from his loss to Xanatos, Shredder realizes he may need allies if he is going to win the coming war. With this in mind, Shredder visited his old ally, the alien Krang. Together, the two began planning their rise to power. The two decide to divide and conquer, with Krang seeking out the gargoyle Demona, while Shredder allies with the headmistress of the HIVE Academy, coming into contact with the mysterious Slade in the process. Shredder also goes on to recruit the notorious supervillain Negaduck, hiring him to steal a priceless emerald as a test of his skills.

Finally, with their faction assembled, Shredder and Krang gather their allies together, including Demona, Slade, Negaduck, and famed terrorist leader Dr. Claw. At the meeting, Shredder lays out his agenda to his allies, explaining how, with their help, he will use the war to take over the entire world. Everyone in attendance agrees to lend their support to Shredder's plans.

Slade in particular proves to be very effective in realizing these plans, strengthening the faction by recruiting the HIVE Academy's top students, the HIVE Five, as their new mercenaries. The Five quickly prove their worth by taking down a group of assassins in Xanatos' employ, much to Shredder's approval. However, as Shredder is celebrating their success, Krang informs him that a new threat has risen in the form of the Decepticons, and asks for an upgrade so that he can do more to combat them. Shredder obliges, installing Krang in a new android body.

More potential allies continue to join Shredder's ranks, as he and Claw meet with an ambitious young sorcerer named Mozenrath, personally recruiting him into the faction.

With the faction's ranks bolstered by these new additions, Shredder once again gathers his allies together, this time to discuss their first major strike: the conquest of China from it's current ruler, the demon sorcerer Shendu. Although Krang wants to take his army and attack, Dr. Claw instead suggests sending Demona and Mozenrath due to their skill with magic. Shredder agrees to the plan, and sends the two to China to assassinate Shendu. The pair ultimately succeeds in their mission, placing China under Shredder's control.

His Rivalty with Skeletor

With his recent conquests beginning to make him a prominent player on the world's stage, Shredder hopes to further increase his power, and thus begins seeking an alliance with another prominent warlord, Skeletor (the true master of the Decepticons). The two meet to discuss terms of an alliance, but find themselves disagreeing over which of them will hold the highest authority. Tempers flare and egos clash, with their argument eventually coming to blows. Fortunately for him, Shredder manages to get the draw on Skeletor, shooting him with a laser pistol, before departing from the meeting.

Wanting to be prepared for the inevitable retaliation from Skeletor after the botched meeting, Shredder meets with the rulers of Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik and Mom, and commissions them to create an army of robotic soldiers to bolster his forces, promising them an higher position in power once he wins the war.

Shredder's faction is approached by a mysterious sorceress calling herself Magestra, who requests to join them. Suspecting little of this new arrival, Shredder welcomes her into the fold, although Demona has her suspicions about her.

His Plan to conquer

In a meeting with Shredder, Slade and Alpha update him on their plans for their next offensive: the conquest of Scotland.

Vs Mojo Jojo

In light of Mojo Jojo's recent breaching of Shredder's territory, Shredder holds negotiations with Mojo, with Negaduck accompanying him as his bodyguard. At the meeting, Shredder offers Mojo a place in his faction, in exchange for the immediate withdrawal of his army from Shredder's lands. However, Mojo, not willing to become a mere lackey to Shredder, refuses the offer, and insults Negaduck when the mallard tries to intimidate him. Deciding that he has allowed Mojo Jojo's threat to exist for long enough, Shredder begins mobilizing his forces for an attack.

Shredder decides that the time has come to eliminate Mojo Jojo once and for all. Gathering the members of his faction, Shredder launches an all-out assault on Mojo’s headquarters. Mojo, however, is well-prepared, and mobilizes his army of apes to repel them. The two armies clash, but only one can emerge as the victor...Mojo begins laying waste to Shredder's forces. However, Negaduck still has a score to settle with the ape supervillain, and isn’t going to give up so easily...

With Mojo Jojo and Shego out of the game, Shredder immediately seizes control of all their lands and territories. This includes Cobra Island, which just so happens to hold the very technology Dr. Claw and Krang need to complete their secret weapon...

His Secret Weapon

Meanwhile, with all the necessary components assembled, Shredder’s faction completes the final preparations on Shredder’s secret weapon: the Space Laser Particle Beam Cannon. With his weapon ready for activation, Shredder prepares to begin his march towards world domination, while Mozenrath and Magestra realize that the time is approaching for them to make their move. However, Demona remains suspicious of Magestra, and decides to investigate her more closely.

Vs Dorminator

Mozenrath attempts to provoke the Shredder by insinuating that his faction sees him as a weak leader for allowing his minions to do all the fighting for him, and suggests that he personally challenge a powerful player to prove otherwise. Angered and with his pride wounded, Shredder decides to bring Krang with him to eliminate the mysterious warlord known only as the Dominator. Although Mozenrath hopes that Shredder will get himself killed on this mission, is it possible that he has underestimated the ninja lord?

His Weapon's Power

Beginning his rise to power, Shredder broadcasts a message to the United Nations, in which he declares his intention to dominate the entire planet, and offers them a warning: surrender to him, or the consequences will be severe. To ensure that his threats are taken seriously, Shredder gives them (and by extension the entire world) a demonstration of what his new weapon is capable of...

Meeting Joker

In the Technodrome, Shredder rages over the loss of the HIVE Five. However, he is interrupted by the arrival of the Joker, who proposes an alliance and offers to lend his vast resources to Shredder’s war effort.

Want a rival's death

Shredder decides that he has grown strong enough to finally take out his old rival, David Xanatos, and sends Slade to lead an attack on the Eyrie Building.

Prepare for the final battle

Having defeated Xanatos and taken over New York, Shredder and his allies meet to discuss their plans for the final stages of the war. There, Shredder announces his plans to crush any remaining opposition by using his weapon on the capitals of the nations that have not surrendered to his rule, starting with Washington DC.

Final Battle

In New York, Shredder and Krang are making final preparations for their attack on Washington DC.Seeing the oncoming forces, Shredder mobilizes his army for a defense, as Slade, Demona, and the others lead the robotic soldiers into battle.As the battle continues, rivals face off against each other, and Shredder’s armies begin to push back the enemy forces.Seeing that the battle is lost, Shredder’s remaining generals decide to flee, while Shredder himself retreats further into the Technodrome, deciding to make one final desperate play for victory. What he doesn’t know, however, is that Skeletor has managed to follow him inside.

Vs Skeletor

With their forces defeated, Shredder and Krang make a desperate attempt to use their super-weapon to wipe out the enemy army. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Skeletor, who has broken into the Technodrome hoping to settle the score with his enemy. In order to buy Krang time to activate the weapon, Shredder faces off against Skeletor one-on-one, in a climactic duel that will decide the final outcome of the war.

In another dimension

Shredder, defeated and banished by Skeletor, finds himself alone in an unfamiliar place.

Cartoon Villains War-Part Two

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Sending Krang

The Human Shredder and Shego who has recently watched Brock and Storm Shadow end up in the live action universe, sends Krang to make sure they do not enter.

Vs Charizard

After hearing the combined alliance between Hades, Skeletor, and The Skeleton King, the Shredder is encountered by a old fighter none other than Charizard, who seeks revenge. Charizard's fire powers hit the Shredder, and it turns out that it's actually a robot Shredder controlled by Ch'rell. And what happens when Karai finds out about this?

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Vs Ratclifee

Tiger Claw told to Shredder that someone stole his teritorry. Angered, Shredder go to confront him and easily defeat him and his army.

Teaming with Krang

Krang propose to Shredder an alliance în order to defeat a common enemy called Frollo.

His Plan

Shredder reveals to his daughter Karai his plan, to conquer Notre Dame once and for all

Slade arrives at Shredder's lair and asked him for a proposition, destroying Notre Dame with him. Gladly, Shredder accepted his offer.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Meeting Slade

After his defeat against Frollo, Slade arrived during the meeting beetwen Krang and Shredder and asked them about an alliance. They both accepted.

New allies

Shredder manages to get Negaduck into his faction along with Judge Doom.The Shredder receives a visit from the sorcerer, Mozenrath, who was eager to join his faction for his uprising plan.

Teaming with Skeletor

After beating the ass out of Nadakhan, Skeletor and Evil Lyn receive a visit from Shredder and Tiger Claw, who are eager to make a deal with them. Lucky for Shredder is that Skeletor accept his offer.

Interrogating Courtney

Courtney awakes at Shredder's lair brought by The New Fearsome Five. Shredder arrived and explained to Courtney her torture to death method. It is revealed that Courtney actually works for someone and was sent to spy Shredder. Courtney resist to tell them, until she saw an image with she and Darcy. Shredder found about this and rid of Courtney.

Meeting Vanessa

After killing Courtney, Shredder and Karai receive a visit from a human called Vanessa. Shredder fall in love with her, but Karai find something really strange in her.

Manuel's Villains War

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two