The Scorpion (An American Tail)
The Scorpion
is a minor villain in the Don Bluth segment, "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West". An insect, residing in a desert of North America. The Scorpion appears as a dark creature, who is willing enough to kill and devour other animal beings, like the protagonist of the movie, Fievel Mousekewitz . The Scorpion makes a brief appearance in Heroes vs. Villains War, taking the same role as it was in the movie.

Heroes Vs Villains War

This time, the Scorpion doesn't appear in his homeworld, the desert. Instaed, it is seen near the Forbidden Mountains. When Mrs. Brisby, Tony Toponi and Fievel Mousekewitz fights off Lucifer and Iago, the bird pirsuits Fievel, with the mouse running down in a underground hole to escape from Iagp's claws. There, Fievel encounters the Scorpion, which awakes after Fievel's sudden arrival in his lair. Before the Socrpion would kill Fievel with a bite of his tail, Mrs. Brisby and her friend sidekick, Jeremy, free Fievel from the Scorpion's lair. The Scorpion is not later seen in this war.

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