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The Scorpion AKA Mac Gargan is a major enemy of the Marvel superhero, Spiderman. The Scorpion is a minor player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

For more information, see the page for Venom.

After a humiliating defeat at the hands of Ursula, Mac Gargan turns to the Green Goblin for assistance. He desires to become more powerful so that the Venom symbiote might return to him. The Green Goblin acquiesces to his request, having Doctor Octopus turn him into the Scorpion. The Scorpion tracks down one of Venom's old victims from a different host: Frollo and Ratcliffe. The Scorpion shoots some acid out of his tail that pushes one of the carts in Frollo's entourage into a river. The Scorpion easily takes out Frollo's men with a single swipe of his tail and then fires a shot at Ratcliffe. Scorpion collapses a tent atop Frollo, but Frollo activates a piece of a powerful gemstone that kills Scorpion effortlessly.r

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