The Rugrats are the heroes in their own titular story in both the movie and the television series. They are a complex of siblings, relatives, friends, distand friends. In other words, a whole family. The most known Rugrats are the chidren, including Tommy Pickles, Chuckles Finster, Phillip "Phil" and Lillian "Lill" DeVille, Angelica Pickles, Susie Carmichael, Dylan "Dill" Pickles, Kimi Finster and Spike. The Rugrats appear briefly in the events of Disney vs. Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Scar sees the bridge where Scar Snout is attempting to kill the Rugrats children. Scar makes it seem as if they are happy to see him. Scar runs to the bridge, fighting Snout. The stronger lion manages to throw Scar Snout off the bridge without too much difficulty.

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