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Center Stage Bully

The Ringmaster is a supporting antagonist of the Disney's animated film, Dumbo. Though not a true villain in the original film (since he did not imprison Mrs Jumbo out of spite, he just didn’t know she was protecting her child), he is usually on the side of the villains when it comes to the tournaments. He plays a minor role in the third Disney Villains War, while he also makes a minor appearance in the early events of Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

Vs The Circus of Ooze

The Skeleton King used his ooze to brainwash a bunch of circus people and turned them into the Circus of Ooze. He then sent them to recruit more people for his army. They arrived at the circus of the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster was angered by this intrusion and he whipped the head of the Circus of Ooze but this just stunned him. The Ooze Circus head then turned himself into a giant pole and multiple pipes jutting out of him. The Ringmaster's men tried to restrain him with ropes but they were just pulled into the air. As the Ringmaster tried to use his whip again, another member of the Ooze Circus charged at him and knocked him back. The Circus of Ooze then recruited the entire audience for the Skeleton King.

Disney Vs Heroes Villains War

Vs Peter Pan

In France, Judge Claude Frollo was invited by a famous Ringmaster to attend his circus. Though Frollo was skeptical of the idea, he decided to tolerate the request. At the same time, the flying boy Peter Pan decided to amuse himself by crashing the circus. Seeing Peter flying about, Frollo believed him to be a witch and ordered his men to arrest the youth. Not taking kindly to Peter's intrusion, the Ringmaster also joined the fray, using his whip to attack Peter, though he evaded the attack. Knocking aside Frollo's guards, Peter chased the Ringmaster across the ring, making him trip and fall into a bucket of water, humiliating him. While Peter and his fairy friend Tinker Bell laughed at the Ringmaster's misfortune, Frollo ordered his men to throw ropes around Peter and drag him down. As Peter gets tied up and dragged away to execution for witchcraft, Tink flew away to find help.

Manuel's Villains War

Vs Silas Wonder

In the circus, the Ringmaster is talks about welcome to the circus, but suddenly an evil wizard namedSilas Wonder . The Ringmaster is talking with Silas Wonder about the Tiny Toons (such as Buster , Babs and Plucky ) are captured on the circus, The Ringmaster and Silas Wonder uses a magic sponge. The Ringmaster kicks the Tiny Toons on the water pool. Silas Wonder and The Ringmaster talks about the perfomances of the circus, Silas Wonder talks the Ringmaster about the lions and The Ringmaster is doesn´t happy. There´s Timothy Mouse , Dumbo and Plucky Duck as a clown are scared. Silas Wonder is happy, but the Ringmaster and the lion tamers are get ready to taming Silas Wonder and Plucky Duck as a clown. The Ringmaster is taming Silas Wonder, The Ringmaster and the other lion tamers are ready, Silas Wonder is scared. The Ringmaster is taming Silas Wonder to the jail and The Ringmaster is prepared using a machine to defeat Silas Wonder. Silas Wonder is defeated and exploded by The Ringmaster and The Ringmaster is Happy.

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Vs Gigantic

The Ringmaster is unveiling his newest attraction to his circus, a giant gorilla who attacks anyone it comes across and goes by the name of Gigantic. Fortunately the best is safely behind bars. Or at least it WAS until some stupid monkey accidentally let it loose. Now that it's out, everyone is running in panic while the Ringmaster desperately tries to get the beast under control. Aside from all the chaos happening around the circus, Gigantic is far too strong for the men to handle. Will the Ringmaster be able to subdue this mighty behemoth before it completely destroys the bigtop?