The Rhino (James and the Giant Peach)
The Rhino is the primary antagonist of the Disney's film, James and the Giant Peach, though, he appears for a limited screetime only. A dissolved spirit creature, who resides in the dark clouds, and has magical powers over the weather, the Rhino represents the basic element of fear, in the case of the main protagonist of the film, James Henry Totter. It briefly appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

The Rhino's spirit is summoned by Maleficent, when she lets her dark creatures on the loose, on the CG realm. It confronts Carl Fredricksen, Russell, who set off to the Paradise Falls, in their flying house, and Sora, who has just arrived in the sky. The Rhino then crafts a massive thunderstorm, that plunges the entire area into total darkness, chaos and mayhem. It continues to blast the house with lightnings and thunders, while at the same it focus on Sora. He manages to blast off Carl's house and Sora to parts unknown. The Rhino has yet to make another appearance in the war.

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