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The Queen of Hearts (also known as the Red Queen) is the insane, murderous, argumentative, and merciless dictator who rules Wonderland, and serves as the main antagonist of American Mcgee's Alice. She made her appearance in Animated vs Video Game Villains.

Animated Villains vs Video Games Villains

Vs The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts and her cards chased Alice, when suddenly a portal to the video game dimension opened up. They were all teleported to a twisted and dark version of Wonderland. They had the misfortune of landing in front of the Red Queen, who ordered them to leave or die. While Alice sneaked off, The Queen of Hearts refused both options and ordered her cards to attack. The Red Queen revealed her monstrous form and power. She frightened away the cards with her attack. The Queen of Hearts was enraged by the cowardice of her cards, which drew a heartless to the anger and darkness in her heart. The Heartless attacked the Red Queen, knocking her down. However, the Red Queen recovered and destroyed the Heartless with a single attack. The Red Queen then proceeded to devour the Queen of Hearts.