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The Rats are minor villains in the television series of "The Little Mermaid", appearing in the episode, "Scuttle". The Rats play a minor role in Disney Heroes vs. Villains and Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

When Ratigan, emerges from the Black Cauldron, after his previous death at the hands of the Beast, he summons a bunch of Rats, included these versions of Rats, to kill The League of Extraordinary Gentlemice and the Disney Dogs. Before the Rats would stomp at the mice, Jake haults them by kicking them with strong force. The rest of the Rats then attack the Dogs, only for the Dogs to knock them out. Finally, when the Black Cauldron loses it's dark effect, the leader of the Rats, Ratigan crumbles into dust. Their wherabouts of them after the battle is unknown. They may perished along with Ratigan, or being still alive, but not featured in the next parts of the war.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Rats are featured briefly, in this war, along with other rats, in the sewers, chasing the Tin Soldier, Edmond and his company. With the heroes being in a boat, the Rats jump to reach them. However, they were knocked out by Patou's bat. Before they would reach again the heroes, the Tin Soldier, Edmont, Patou, Peepers and Snipes make their exit from the sewers, finding themselves in a large city, much to the disappointment of the Rats.