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The Rat is a minor, yet the primary antagonist, in the disney animated movie, "Lady and the Trampt". A vicious animal, with insticts compared to a killer. The Rat plays a minor role in Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

When Ratigan rises again from the Black Cauldron, after his previous demise, he summons an army of Rats, included the "Lady and the Tramp's" version of the Rat, and sics them upon the League of Gentlemice and the Disney Dogs. The Rat faces off Tramp, but is unable to fight him off. Thinking cunning, the Rat starts running, with Tramp chasing him. While the Rat manages to escape from Tramp's claws, he sees his master, crumbling into dust, after the Black Cauldron, loses it's dark effect. It is unknown, what happened to the Rat, afterwards.