The Quarrymen is a team of anti-gargoyle combatants, trained to find and kill any gargoyles in sight. Led by John Castaway, the Quarrymen are the primary antagonists of the final season of the Disney animated television series, Gargoyles. The faction plays a significant role in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Pre War: Working with Cobra Industries

Before the events of the first war, the Quarrymen work with Cobra Industries, for reasons to obtain weapon equipment, for the elimination of living Gargoyles. However, Demona arrives and stops the weapon trade, by injuring the operator of Cobra Industries, Adam DeCobray, who would be later known as Cobra Commander, and then setting an explosion, that destroy the weapon explosion and a part of the foundations of a buliding. As for the Quarrymen, they escape from Demona's wraith, before she would set on fire the part of the building.

Before the War

John Castaway learns of Mok Swagger's attempt to bring a Demon into the world; he therefore attacks Mok's base with a small squad of Quarrymen in order to take out Mok's super computer, forever preventing the Demon from returning. The group, however, encounters Megatron (currently formatted as Galvatron), the only remaining guard of Mok's base. Before Galvatron can attack, Castaway destroys the super computer; the resulting explosion reformats Galvatron back into Megatron, who promptly disarms Castaway. The Quarrymen retreat rather than fight the transformer.


The Quarrymen briefly engage in a battle with Amon's Equalists during a rally turned riot. The Quarrymen manage to beat back the Equalists, though the enigmatic Amon escapes.

The Battle of England

Castaway allies with Admiral Zhao, a Fire Nation officer determined to take over England. The two scheme to take over England from Ratcliffe, its current king. Though Castaway drops off several Quarrymen shock troopers, Amon's Equalist forces, now allied with Ratcliffe, quickly overwhelm them. Castaway himself later dies in a train accident.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War Part Two

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