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The Prince, not to be confused with the villain from the animated film Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss, is one of the main heroes in the Disney animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A noble prince from an unknown country, the Prince is the key to ending Snow White's sleeping curse, awakening her with Love's First Kiss. He plays a minor role in Disney Heroes vs. Villains.

Disney Heroes vs. Villains

The Prince, transformed into the Raven, prior to the events of Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Before the events of Disney Heroes vs. Villains War, Queen Grimhilde found the Prince and transformed him into her personal raven, hoping that Snow White's curse would be unbreakable. However, in the epilogue of the war, Merlin discovers the true identity of the raven and reverts him into his normal form, allowing him to awaken Snow White. He is last seen taking Snow White to his kingdom while at the same time bidding farewell to the Seven Dwarfs and to the Forest Animals for taking good care of her.