The Portal is the key element of the animated film Rock and Rule. It plays a vital role in Mok Swagger's scheme to release a gigantic demon as part of his orchestrated plot. It could only by accessed through a musical pattern sang by a beautiful voice. Particularly, Angel was used in Mok's scheme to open the portal and release the demon, until Omar and his friends thwart Mok's designs, sending both the superstar and the demon to parts unknown.

The portal also appears in the villain tournaments, although in slight different role as it was in the original film. On an interesting note, it also appears in the finale of Heroes vs. Villains, reprising the same role as it was in the film, although it is displayed as an inter-dimensional gateway bent on dragging the heroes to parts unknown. It is eventually closed by the effort of Joseph Korso, though at the cost of his life, never to be open again.   

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