The Peddler is the main antagonist of the short Popeye cartoon of Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp. He appeared in Non Disney Villains War Reboot.

Non Disney Villains War Reboot


he was born in Persia in the CGI world in an unspecific time. He was a former prince because he was the first king's son and heir to the throne. However, one day, Persia's King has discovered that his Wife was a sorceress too and he wanted to kill her and his son too fearing that he could learn sorcery. Before the King could try to kill the baby too, she sent him away with her magic and found himself in the Animated world. The baby was left in the cold, however two sorcerors known as Hedge von Rothbart and Zelda have found him and Adopted him. They named him Jafar because of an amulet around the baby's neck to which was written on it "Jafar". Later, when he was 5 years old, Jafar began learning dark magic from his adoptive mom and dad. Then they met a new friend, Clavious, who helped Rothbart and Zelda in teaching black magic to the child. When he was 13 years old, Jafar discovered that he isn't Rothbart and Zelda's genetic son and they found him in a day of winter. Jafar, however, wasn't mad at all with them. He couldn't care less of what he discovered. When he was an adult, Rothbart sent him to the One Eye's camp in order to defeat the King One Eye and have Jafar as ruler of that place as a gift. At his arrival, however, he was comfronted by the King One Eye's trusted adviser, Zig Zag.

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