Nazis Ralph Bakshi
The Nazis were the secondary antagonists in the Ralph Bakshi's animated film, Wizards. The military organization founded Adolf Hitler, the Nazis featured appearances and actions were contained within a projector. After Hitler's and the Nazis's fall, the projector was by the sorcerer Blackwolf, who used it to his advantage in his war against the elves and the wizards. They also made cameo appearances in the villain wars, whenever Blackwolf is shown testing his secret weapons on challenging foes.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Unseen Victory

The Nazis appear briefly in this war. After Blackwolf's mutant army was unsuccessfully dealing with the terrible race of the Blue Meanies, Blackwolf enter the fray, with a projector in his hands. He activates the projector to unveil visions of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Army from the events of World War II. The Nazis's visions were featured in the whole landscape of the fight, demonstrating their actions. Scared to death, to fight the wizard and his army, the Blue Meanies retreat into an unknown location, never to be seen again, much to the joy of Blackwolf and his mutant army. The Nazis were not featured afterwards.

Heroes Vs Villains War

A Cameo Distract

During the events of this war, Blackwolf found the projector, containing footages of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis from the events of World War II. To test it out, he sends his forces attacking Nottingham, inhabited by elves and the local villagers. As the mutants appeared as the first front line, Blackwolf activated the projector, showing the visions of the Nazi Army in front of the Elves and the villagers. Distracted by the visions, the inhabitants were quickly slaughtered by Blackwolf's forces.

In the later events, Blackwolf re-used the projector in the battle of the Holy Land, keeping the heroes distracted as the Nazi soldiers destroyed most of the terrain. They ceased to exist after Blackwolf's demise.

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