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The Mouse King is a cruel mouse tyrant who fought in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war. He first appeared in the animated film The Nutcracker Prince, based on the E.T.A Hoffman story and the subsequent Tchaikovsky ballet.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Early Encounter with Ratigan

The Mouse King and his troops are causing chaos and mayhem in the outskirts of NIMH, currently occupied by Ratigan. The leader himself shows up and warns the Mouse King to leave. In response, the Mouse King offends Ratigan, leaving the rodent to deal with him personally. He uses a ringing bell, to which he summons Lady Tremaine's owned cat, Lucifer, to his aid. The Mouse King sends his mice troops over Lucifer, only to fall before the vicious cat. The Mouse King then steps in the battle, trying to take out Lucifer, himself. The result of the fight ends, with the Mouse King being utterly defeated by Lucifer.

A Deadly Rematch

It is revealed, that the Mouse King survives his encounter with Lucifer and assembles his remain troops, in order to exact his revenge. During the final events of the war, the Mouse King takes his troops to the NIMH colony, where he reunites with Ratigan. The outspoken king then orders his troops to deal with Ratigan, with the rodent commanding his thugs to repel the outsiders. The berserked Mouse King then makes a full charge at Ratigan. However, he fails to react, as Ratigan grabs a rope from a hanging chandelier and kicks the King from a cliff to his apparent demise.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Mouse King is an early presence in NIMH, but he proves to be a disastrous drain upon NIMH's resources. Jenner is very outspoken about the Mouse King's uselessness, complaining to the High Council. The Mouse King, however, eavesdrops on the conversation and challenges Jenner to a duel. Jenner brandishes his blade, dueling the Mouse King to a standstill. The Mouse King kicks Jenner away, but Jenner manages to slice into the Mouse King's stomach. The wounded Mouse King raises his sword in an attempt to strike Jenner down, but the more lithe Jenner knocks the Mouse King off a cliff into a lake. The last that is seen of the Mouse King is his crown sinking into the water.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Non-Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

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