The Miser Brothers are the primary antagonists of the Rankin/Bass Christmas special, The Year Without a Santa Claus. Two holiday entities more concerned with fighting each other than actually managing the weather, the Miser Brothers are minor players in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Getting Along

As usual, the Miser Brothers begin quarreling with one another. However, amidst their squabbling, the sorcerer, Zeebad, appears. The two shrug him off, only for Zeebad to blast Heat Miser in the behind with a snowy blast. Snow Miser, likely angry from having his thunder stolen, hits Zeebad with a magical attack of his own. Zeebad tries to counter but misses. Heat and Snow Miser briefly set aside their differences and decide to double team Zeebad, forcing the enemy sorcerer to flee. This does not prove to be enough, as Heat Miser uses his fiery magic to reduce Zeebad to nothing.


The Miser Brothers end up dead at the hands of the Sandman, who feeds the two to his children.

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