The Master

The Master (Not to be confused with the other Master) is the main antagonist of the infamous 1969 movie

Manos: The Hands of Fate. He is the leader of the cult that worships the dark god Manos. He appears in the Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever


The Master's origins are relatively unknown. He supposedly is the son of a worshipper of Kaijudo of Darkness Civilization, who later fleed his abusive family to El Paso, where he started to get involved in dark magic. He was contacted by a powerful figure in one of his dreams, he could only see what appeared to be their eyes and hands, therefore The Master began referring to them as "Manos". The Master believed he was the chosen one of Manos, who wanted to break out of "Fifth Dimension". He ended up seducing women to join his polygamic cult by instating a hotel called "Valley Lodge", in actuality a cult conversion center. He believed that by breeding with them they could birth Manos in this dimension.

The Master later adopted a young mutated satyr baby that was thrown away. Master named the baby "Torgo" and raised him to be his henchman, who would run Valley Lodge while Master would hibernate with his wives for several decades. The Master awakened again in 2014, when he was contacted by space alien Ro-Man, Ro-Man suggested that they could reach fifth dimension to bring together "The Dark Cult" which would release "Manos" from their domain. The Master signed an alliance with Ro-Man, and Ro-Man gave him a giant mischievous moon, whose origins seemed to lead to Fifth Dimension. The Master sent The Moon to look for possible members to Dark Cult before falling asleep again.

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