The Master is one of the main villains in the long-running British television series, Doctor Who. A renegade Time Lord with psycopathic tendencies, the Master is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament


The Master is traversing the Matrix when he encounters Agent Smith. When Smith advances upon him, the Master is quick to repulse him with his laser screwdriver. However, since Smith is composed of data, he is able to reconfigure his body so that the laser will have little effect. Thus, when the Master tries to strike him down again, Smith is able to absorb the blast. Smith knocks the laser out of the Master's hand, forcing the Time Lord to beg for mercy. Smith then assimilates him into his complex, but the Master manages to retain his mind and autonomy. He kicks Agent Smith into an oncoming train. Though looking like Agent Smith, the Master remains his own being.

Dimension Hopping

The Master somehow regains his old form and takes control of Agent Smith. He eventually makes contact with Mok Swagger, who is interested in the power the Master possesses. The Master decides to send Smith to the animated world as an "emissary." The Master also joins forces with Crowley, a powerful demon, eventually joining the Legion of Darkness.


The Master and Crowley capture a demon named Brady and begin torturing him for information. Suddenly, Chase Collins bursts into the room and teleports the Master to a different location: the lair of Collins's boss, Norman Stansfield. Waiting is Sylar, another of Stansfield's operatives. The Master unleashes his full load onto Sylar, but the killer simply absorbs the energy. Eventually, Sylar begins using the Master's own energy against him, relieving the Master of his laser screwdriver. The Master tries to flee, but Sylar uses telekinesis to slit his throat.

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