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The Marquis De Singe is the second primary villain in Tales of Monkey Island. He is an aristocratic doctor/scientist with wild ambitions and conducts experiments on living creatures, including humans in order to capitalize on his longing to learn and control all the secrets to life itself and use them to acquire fame and fortune.

He appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever, where he is doing a secret experiment in Siperia and leads De Singe's Order, as well as Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.


Before the Beginning

Not so long ago, Marquis De Singe tricked ghost pirate LeChuck so he could get some of his voodoo powers, with these voodoo powers, he could escape from Hell and so he did. LeChuck promised to get his revenge any way possible.

On Earth, he befriended terrorist Gauron and an unemployed scientist Dr. Nitrus Brio, and together they started to work on secret experiment.

In the Tournament

One cold night, Marquis's chemical experiments were interrupted when intruders were seen at the island. De Singe sent his best men, Gauron and Dr. Nitrus Brio to destroy the intruders. 

Later, De Singe heard that Brio failed to take down the intruder leader LeChuck, and his forces were on the way to De Singe's base. De Singe was calmed down by Roddy Piper who said Gauron will take care of him.

Next day, De Singe saw that Gauron got injured in a fight against LeChuck's henchman Dogati, he sent Roddy Piper to take Gauron back to base. Before he could continue experiments, he was interrupted by Big Van Vader from Dungeon of Doom, who paid to De Singe if Gauron helped him to destroy Dr. Nefarious, De Singe didn't want money, but a service in return beforehand. Vader could help Gauron and Zaied to kill Carlos Santana. Vader accepted.

But it turned out Vader failed and Gauron, who wasn't in the best shape yet, got injured even worse. De Singe started to panic and was prepared for the worst.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever