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The Mandarin is the arch-nemesis of the Marvel superhero, Iron Man, and is one of the more well-known villains in the Marvel comics universe. A scientist and martial artist possessing ten powerful rings, Mandarin is a secondary player in the first Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Jafar

While making plans to defeat Iron Man in the Valley of the Spirits, the Mandarin encounters the sorcerer, Jafar. The two come to verbal blows, Jafar eventually blasting the Mandarin back with his staff. The Mandarin tries to respond from a shot from one of his power rings, but Jafar knocks the blast away. When Jafar transfigures a giant scorpion before the Mandarin, the supervillain is able to disintegrate it with one shot from his rings. However, this moment leaves him vulnerable to attack from Jafar, who seemingly destroys him with a single blast from his staff, sending the power rings all across the planet.

Restoring His Rings

Saved by a few monks who bring him to a hospital in China, Mandarin recovers without any of his power rings left. Determined to get his revenge and regain his strength, the Mandarin sets out to find his rings. He finds one of them in Tibet and another in a ruined town. After finding the final two rings in a jeweled egg, the Mandarin prepares to re-enter the war.

Back on Top

The Mandarin sets up shop in a new lair. He soon finds a massive army, led by the Hun, Shan Yu, at the base of his mountain. Unfazed, the Mandarin causes an avalanche, burying most of the enemy combatants. Shan Yu survives and attacks the Mandarin in his lair. Unworried, the Mandarin spends most of his time roasting Shan Yu's pet hawk. When Shan Yu rears up to attack, the Mandarin knocks him aside with a shot from his power rings. No longer amused with Shan Yu, the Mandarin fires upon him full force, blowing up Shan Yu completely.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 3

Mandarin (Iron Man Armor Adventures)

Return of The Mandarin in the universe CGI.

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