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The Mad Hatter is an inhabitant of Wonderland, known for throwing wild tea parties in celebration of visitor's "un-birthdays" (days when it is not someone's birthday). He, along with his friend the March Hare, finds himself caught up in the war between good and evil in Disney Heroes vs Villains.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three


Eventually, a poor hat maker named Jefferson wandered into Wonderland, and like anyone else, he was immediately apprehended and taken to the Red Queen, who tried to erase his memory as well.

Strangely, Jefferson was extraordinarily strong willed. He had a daughter back home and refused to forget her or his past life.

The Red Queen wasn't terribly concerned, but to make sure he wouldn't cause trouble, she placed Jefferson in incredibly low poverty.

Jefferson, bided his time, making hats as he did back home. To any Wonderland citizen he saw, he asked them where they came from and how to leave. The other citizens, however, their minds warped by the Red Queen, laughed at the suggestion of other worlds. There was only Wonderland! Jefferson's rumblings of the other worlds eaned him the title 'The Mad Hatter.'

Desperate to leave this mad world, Jefferson made one of his traditional, magic hats. It was his only hope to break the barrier from Wonderlnad. He kept it a secret, even from his daughter, that his hats were also portals to other worlds.

When he thought that finally, no one was looking, he prepared a hat. But his timing couldn't be worse. Stayne, the Red Queen's Knave, stomped in his cabin for surprise inspection. Stayne confiscated the hat and brought Jefferson to the Red Queen.

The Red Queen was actually both impressed and scared by the hat. She ultimately gave Jefferson an order. He'd spend his days making more hats for the exclusive use of the Queen. But, if he ever dared to leave using one, he'd be hunted down and decapitated.

To throw salt upon the wound that was slavery, the Red Queen paid nothing to Jefferson, who would remain in poverty for the sake of keeping his magic secret.

To this day, Jefferson fantasizes of seeing his daughter again, while making magic hat after hat for the Red Queen, who sits upon her throne of fake friendship.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

The Mad Hatter in the Live-Action Universe

Heroes Vs Villains War

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