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[[Category:Jafar's Alliance]]
[[Category:Jafar's Alliance]]
[[Category:Dimensional Travelers]]
[[Category:Dimensional Travelers]]
[[Category:The Mad Doctor's Alliance]]

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The Mad Doctor in the CG realm.

The Mad Doctor is a supporting villain from the Disney Villain War. In that series, the Mad Doctor teamed up with Doofenshmirtz and Shego to get rid of Dr. Drakken due to his incompetence. They suceeded, but Shego decided to become her empress form and team up with Emperor Zurg to try and conquer Earth. The Mad Doctor, sensing something like this would happen, immediately joined forces with Xanatos to create the monstrous Julius Mouse to counterpoint Dr. Frankenollie's enlargement of Pete. Using this creature to capture the Big Bad Wolf for science, the Mad Doctor lost his creation to Negaduck. Later, he faced off against Lord Dragaunus, where it was revealed that he had turned himself into a robot to survive the war onslaught. Dragaunus responded by sending the Doctor into the sky on a malfunctioning space pod.

The space pod soon landed in Dark Beauty Castle, where the Doctor encountered the Shadow Blot, then allied himself with the creature for the purpose of obtaining more power in the worlds. When Jafar destroyed the Blot, the Mad Doctor quickly allied himself with the genie vizier for the same reason.

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