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The Mad Doctor in the CG realm.

The Mad Doctor is a secondary player in the Disney Villains Wars. First appearing in the Mickey Mouse short, "The Mad Doctor," the Mad Doctor is one of Disney's more popular cult villain. His most notable modern appearance is in the Epic Mickey game series.

Disney Villains War


The power of creation is a strange and wonderful thing. To have the gift to create something from nothing using only your own two hands is a power that brings great joy and pride to many. Some handle this power with grace, creating great works of art or inventions that change the path of history. Others, however, become consumed by the power that their talents give them, descending into madness.

Josef Mengele was a prodigy from an early age, becoming known for his habit of tinkering with objects he found around his house in Germany to create toys for himself and his friends. Although he came from a poor family, Mengele's parents recognized his skills and saved every scrap of money that they earned to send Mengele to the most prestigious college they could find in order to give their son the opportunity to follow his love of science.

Upon graduation, Mengele set out to discover the secrets of creating life. Inspired by ancient myths about a powerful sorcerer who crafted the world they lived in, Mengele began examining animals to see if he could uncover the power that gave them life. After years and years, however, Mengele was no closer to finding the secrets of life than he was when he first started.

The Hooden Mad Doctor, as was seen in the fight between him and Dr. Drakken in Disney Villains War

Frustrated, Mengele turned back to his original inspiration, trying to see if there was any truth to the ancient legends. One night, after poring over ancient tomes, a dark figure approached Mengele in his dreams, claiming to have been a servant of the creator spoken of in the legends. He told Mengele to travel to the forbidden lands known as the Wasteland and to speak with another man who had similar interests in the secrets of life.

Finding the one the dark figure had told him about, a sinister individual known only as the Coachman, Mengele learned of a second part of the legends that most had forgotten: a Black God rejected by his creator who had rebelled and was the one who shaped the world into the one it was today. The Coachman took Mengele into his care, teaching him the ways of the Black God and demonstrating his powers to turn young children into donkeys.

The Hooden Mad Doctor in the Universe CGI

Although initially sickened by the Coachman's powers and his disregard for the sanctity of life, Mengele couldn't help but feel jealous that the Coachman had succeeded in uncovering a method to turn one form of life into another. Determined to surpass the Coachman, Mengele returned to Germany, where his work took a darker turn. Mengele began advertising his services as a physician, but when patients came to him in search of healing, Mengele would take them for cruel experiments in dissection and vivisection. Mengele's experiments led to him becoming known as the "Mad Doctor" to his unfortunate subjects.

Although many died in the Mad Doctor's laboratory, which was hidden in the ruins of a medieval castle, he was shielded from the law by fellow servants of the Black God. Nevertheless, the Mad Doctor's greatest enemy was himself. Although he continued to believe his work would one day make him a god with power over life and death, a small part of him wondered if such a goal was worth so much suffering and longed to return to the wonder he had during his childhood crafting toys.

Battle of the Doctors

However, the Mad Doc didn't have long to ponder over his decisions made when, many years later, Doctor Drakken invaded his caste retreat, believing it to be the hiding place of one of their mutual enemies, the Phantom Blot, due to the lies fed to him by Doctor Doofenshmirtz. Mengele was well aware of the earlier deception at hand and at first disguised himself in a black robe to take advantage of Drakken's confusion before doffing it immediately afterwards. Realizing he had been tricked by his rival, Drakken angrily demanded that Mengele pay with his life as retribution for Doofenshmirtz's lies. But Mengele simply laughed at Drakken's face, before proceeding to summon hordes of skeletons that he had managed to revive from the dead thanks to his training with the rest of the Cult Worshippers in order to show the intruder the way out. The skeletal warriors actually cause Drakken's Bebe warriors to malfunction by the mere prescence of their dark magic interfering with the robots' guidance systems. As Drakken tries to escape, he gets caught in the floorboards. Mengele thus wasted no time in freeing Drakken from his predicament by cutting out the floorboards then knocking the poor criminal unconscious to lock him up in the dungeon for future usage in his experiments, those of which would never come to pass due to Drakken escaping some time later by some unknown means of safety.

A New Creation

Mengele, sensing the time was approaching for the Black God to soon rise again, decided to leave the comfort of his castle ruins and travel to New York City in order to secure his services to David Xanatos, hoping to manipulate the genius billionaire into becoming an unwitting pawn for his master.  Nonetheless, Xanatos seemed to get an idea not to fall for the Mad Doctor's manipulations and instead trick him right back in order to have him use his satanic experimenting for the benefit of Xanatos Industries, the first result of their partnership being the creation of Feral Mickey by using Mengele's eldritch magic to summon Scar's spirit to Earth and rot Mickey Mouse's mind into a feral state while inside his body, all for the single purpose of eliminating possible rivals who might get in the way of Xanatos' own plans to unite the world under his protective leadership. Mengele, unaware of Xanatos' backtracked deception, plays right into his hands by having the feral mutate go after the Big Bad Wolf and kill him off as a test of his strength. However, Feral Mickey actually proves even more efficient than just simply killing him right then and there; he delivers the Big Bad Wolf alive for experimentation.

Trying to steal

After losing Feral Mickey, the Mad Doctor tried to gain new experiments from Dragaunus' forward base. The Saurian commander discovered the Mad Doctor, only to be confronted by the Steel Clan, robotic enforcers Xanatos had sent to act as his ally's bodyguards. After a fierce battle with the Saurian generals, most of the Steel Clan was defeated, with Dragaunus himself destroying the final one. As the dust settled, Dragaunus again confronted the Doctor, only to discover the mad scientist had converted himself into a robot in order to stand a better chance of surviving the war. Disturbed by this revelation, Dragaunus blasted the Doctor off in a damaged escape pod.

The Mad Doctor, as an Animatronic

Disney Villains War 2

Jafar or Shadow Blot?

Exploring the CGI universe, Jafar found himself in the Wasteland, a realm obliterated by Chernabog's ancient reign of terror. Within Dark Beauty Castle, Jafar stumbled upon the Mad Doctor, who had rebuilt his human visage after his defeat in the last war and who had allied with the dark entity known as the Shadow Blot. Angered by Jafar's intrusion, the Blot attacked him but was no match for the sorcerer's genie powers, with Jafar using his magic to blast the demon to pieces. Impressed by this show of power, the Mad Doctor decided to become Jafar's faithful servant.

Working with Jafar

Learning of Maleficent's presence in this new realm, Jafar had the Mad Doctor create a clone of himself to strike against his former master and test her power in the new dimension.

The War of Kingdom Hearts

With his ally dead, Pete backed away as the Mad Doctor came in to back up Jafar. The Doctor activated a mechanical guardian which attacked Pete with a chainsaw, taking him out of the fight. Having had enough of this distraction, Saix demolished the guardian with a single strike of his claymore. Seeing the tides had turned, the Doctor escaped through a trapdoor.

A inspiration

In the CGI Universe, the Mad Doctor was hard at work rebuilding his devices after Jafar's disappearance and the assault on the World That Never Was. Noticing a swarm of grasshoppers nearby, inspiration struck him.

The battle was interrupted by the Mad Doctor, who tested one of his new machines by using it to grow Hopper and his minions to human size. So empowered, Hopper overcame Skinner and tossed him in a river as the Mad Doctor cackled in sadistic glee.

His faction

In the CGI universe, the Mad Doctor assembled his forces, including Hopper, a robotic version of Captain Hook, and the trouble-making children Lock, Shock, and Barrel, plotting to take over the realm and learn its secrets. Hopper was less than impressed with the Doctor's schemes, but swore to see them through to the end, whatever that might be.

Prepared for the final attack

Meanwhile, having received news of the robotic Hook's destruction, the Mad Doctor told his allies that, with the alien threat on the horizon, time was a luxury they did not have.

Battle of CGI

In the CGI Universe, the Mad Doctor and his allies confronted the combined forces of Zurg and Count Dooku at the Keyblade Graveyard, an ancient land scarred by the first war with the Great Evil. Both sides hoped to reach Kingdom Hearts, which could return them to the Animated Universe. On the front lines, Count Dooku's droid army and Doctor Calico's private army kicked off the battle. Doctor Calico soon unleashed an attack helicopter against the droids but it was soon destroyed. Hopper and his gang of grasshoppers then joined the fray as Dooku sent out some Magnaguards to face them. The mad grasshopper Thumper tore into one of the Magnaguards, slaying it. As Doctor Calico's forces began to be overwhelmed by Dooku's droids, the Mad Doctor activated one of his inventions to even the odds: a giant robotic arm. As the Mad Doctor began to push back against the droids, Master Xehanort arrived, having prepared to sieze Kingdom Hearts for himself. As Doctor Calico's army attempted to surround him, Xehanort annihilated them with one telekinetic push, completely shattering their ranks. He then summoned two Carnotaurs which sent Hopper's gang running in fear. As Hopper tried to escape, one of the Carnotaurs devoured him. Dooku then entered the fray and confronted the Mad Doctor's machine. Dooku unleashed a barrage of Force Lightning which critically damaged the machine, forcing the Mad Doctor to pull back.

Vs Zurg

On the highest peak of the Keyblade Graveyard, just underneath Kingdom Hearts, Zurg and the Mad Doctor squared off with one another, each eager to claim the portal's secrets for their own. Zurg initially found himself outmatched by the Mad Doctor's battle-mech, but managed to recover and fired on it with his arm cannon. The mech was knocked off balance and teetered on the edge of the cliff, but before Zurg could finish him off, Master Xehanort teleported in. Easily blocking Zurg's shots with a force field, he returned fire with magic from his Keyblade. The Mad Doctor climbed from the wreckage of his mech, his human visage entirely gone, exposing his robotic form underneath. Tackling Zurg, he shoved him from the cliff to his apparent demise. Xehenort blasted the Doctor in the face with a magic blast, but he managed to recover. Just then, one of Xehenort's cloaked allies stepped in and fired his own magic at the Doctor, knocking him from the cliff as well. With the way clear, Xehenort stepped into Kingdom Hearts and ascended to a higher plane of existence.

Making a promise

In the CGI Universe, the Mad Doctor found himself alone, reduced to his bare robotic skeleton. Exhausted from losing two wars, he vowed to reform and put right all his deeds.

Disney Villains War 3

A change of heart

The Mad Doctor meanwhile tried to convince more villains to reform only to be told that he might not be able to change himself at all.

Lock, Shock and Barrel took the opportunity of the Mad Doc's sudden change of heart to revive their old master.


Xemnas blasted an electric orb into a cliff above the Dragon, dropping its boulder to the Dragon's metal head, leaving the beast to collapse in the area, much to the Mad Doctor's horror. Xemnas then fled at that moment.

Vs King Candy

As King Candy announced yet another race to his dear sweet subjects, he was suddenly interrupted by the Mad Doctor who tried to warn them their king was something he isn't. But no one believed him and Candy brought in his security guards who promptly beat him senseless. With the entire arena in chaos, King Candy cancelled the race for the day. He also had the Mad Doc brought to his palace as he looked down in shame.


Cad Bane had found what he was looking for in Clu's fortress and freed the Mad Doctor.

Disney Villains War Reboot

The Mad Doctor appears in the reboot series in a similar role to the original, although altered with extra details. During the first events, he takes the unconscious "Agent Z" back to his laboratory after his fight with Captain Gantu.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Vs Dr.Cortex

Cortex is still wanting to find a way to escape of the Subspace. But as it seems his not quite alone, wanting to forge an alliance with the Mad Doctor, this insane doc see's that it is a great chance of having an experiment with Cortex. While the Mad Doctor has the upper hand, Cortex is no fool to be defeated that easily but a certain rival of the past isn't done with Cortex...

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Joining Pete

After telling his faction about what happened, Pete recruits a newcomer to help him in a mysterious plan of Pete himself. However Drakken seems to be afraid of this recruit.

Disposing Drakken

With Pete mysteriously gone, Dr. Drakken plans to take over the faction, only to be deposed by Shego, who substitutes him much to the Mad Doctor's joy.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Creating a robot

Mad Doctor creates a another Cat Animatronic.

Teaming with King Candy

King Candy is celebrating, is short lived by the arrival of Mad Doctor, who tells them a monster is coming, King Candy, thinks that he is lying, however, Mad Doctor shows him that the monsters are coming, shocked, King Candy teams up with Animatronic Doctor.

Vs Polygons

Polygons attack Sugar Rush and Mad Doctor and Turbo must fight them.

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

New soldiers

Mad Doctor Creates more Animatronics.

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

New faction

Razobeard introduces his new allies to Rigatoni, and he is pleased.

Villains Battles 3

Informing Ratigan

The Mad Doctor informs Ratigan of Pete's assassination attempt and Yosemite Sam's defeat against the Major, who is completely mad. Ratigan then prepares to travel in France.