The Machine
The Machine is the main antagonist of the Free Willy animated series, a spinoff of the movie of the same name. The Machine is a mysterious oil baron who lost his face and hand to Willy the Whale when he was commiting environmental destruction. He has since seeked revenge on Willy and his owner Jesse. The Machine appears in Worst Hero and Villain War Ever.

Worst Heroes And Villains War Ever


Rockland Stone was born in 1912 to a poor family in rural Britain. Stone's father worked in an factory, and thus he developed an interest in technology. He worked his way to the Paris University of Mechanical Engineering, where he would meet an accomplished scientist and inventor Nikolaj Taslow. Stone started to research fossil fuels, and through Taslow he met Jarvis Babbit, an english scientist and the founder of Society for the Exact Alternative Sciences. Stone became his protege, and learned from him that there might be a Parallel World where dinosaurs never died. Stone saw this as an excellent opportunity to possibly dig the Parallel World premises for oil. When first gateways were being tested, Stone got a job as an engineer for SEAS. He designed the first blueprints for SEAS submarines based on papers of Ancient Atlantean Technology discovered from Neo Atlantis, as well as the possibility of replicating human bodyparts with mechanical ones.

Stone became allies with an american oil baron J. Oliver Penderoil and a scientist named Professor Zygote, who had replaced Taslow as SEAS head scientist for unknown reasons. The trio made a deal that Stone and SEAS would get 50% ownership of J. Oliver's oil empire if they managed to find oil from Parallel World. Stone, leader of SEAS Armed Forces General Leighton and Zygote were the first to cross the gate. Stone used his submarine to look for oil, only for a wild Plesiosaur to attack his submarine and wound part of his face and his left hand, forcing him to install prosthetics in their place. J. Oliver Penderoil tried to commission SEAS to kill off every single dinosaur in the land but the SEAS refused. J. Oliver cancelled his part of the deal, which Babbit blamed Stone for and fired him. 

Stone was furious about this turn of events and built a hyperadvanced submarine and created a group of slimy minions known as Amphonids from toxic waste. Stone changed his identity and became The Machine, with his end goal being the industrialization of Parallel World and becoming the richest man in the world.

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