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The Lich King is the predominant villainous force in the Warcraft video game franchise. An incredibly skilled warrior and necromancer, the Lich King was originally prince Arthas Menethil. The Lich King is a major player in the Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

Re-taking the Throne

The malevolent Jafar takes control of the throne of Persia while Arthas, one of the Persian King's generals, is on campaign. Arthas arrives in the middle of Jafar's coronation ceremony, storming through the palace walls. Jafar manages to knock Arthas onto his knees, but Arthas's sword, Frostmourne, manages to keep him stable. He runs Jafar through and takes the throne of Persia for himself. He then declares a new era for the world. Especially critical to him is finding the mysterious Helmet of the Lich King, a vastly powerful magical artifact.

A King Is Born

Arthas travels to the mountain where the Helmet is kept, encountering its guardian, Metal Kor. Metal Kor fires a blast of energy at him, forcing Arthas back. He then slashes Metal Kor down from his perch, managing to stab his opponent in the leg. Metal Kor flies up in order to get a better angle on the fight, but Arthas leaps up and beheads his foes. Arthas then puts on the Helmet and becomes the Lich King himself.

Beating Up on Old Friends

The newly crowned Lich King encounters one of his old war comrades, Zoran Lazarevic. Lazarevic has also been looking for the Helmet and is all too willing to kill the Lich King for it. The Lich King takes a couple massive swings at Lazarevic, but Lazarevic is enhanced with a special resin to make him resiliant to such force. When Lazarevic tries to shoot at the Lich King, the King puts up a force field. The battle seems tied, but the Lich King summons a small swarm of Horde zombies. The monsters beat Lazarevic to death as the Lich King watches.

Gathering His Forces

The Lich King summons two disciples to his side: Seifer and Zelgius. In order to test the latter's skill, the Lich King has Zelgius steal a powerful sword known as the Soul Edge from Cervantes. Zelgius falls in combat to the pirate. Seifer, however, proves more successful, stealing the Soul Edge and transforming into the demonic Nightmare. The Lich King then has Nightmare eliminate Doku, an assassin sent by Dormin, to kill him. Using Doku's sword, the Lich King is able to transform a mysterious ninja sensei, Murai, into a demon. To finish his "Alliance of the Broken Blade," the Lich King enlists the demon, Ghirahim.