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The Letzte Batallion, translated as The Last Batallion, is a unit of Waffen SS volunteers transformed into vampires who serve the Major and the Millennium Nazi faction. The Batallion shows loyalty to the Major and serves the psycopath's goals even at the villain tournaments.

They appear as the secondary villains of the manga, Hellsing and the anime series Hellsing: Ultimate.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

The Letzte Batallion is featured in the Battle of London, when the Major suddenly appears out of the nowhere and begins to topple most of London's landmarks and territories, while he orders his army to destroy the city and feast on the civilians.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Breaking the Laws of the Tournaments

The Letzte Batallion are the first Non-Disney Villains to appear in another tournamets, that are specific Disney Villains tournaments. Thus far, the Lezte Batallion are the first Non-Disney Villains to participate in Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

The Battle on HYDRA Island

Red Skull recruits the Letzte Batallion in his growing Nazi Army. He had the Batallion, attacking in the frontal assault of the HYDRA Island, destroying some of Hydra's soldiers. When the Mandarin arrives, Ratcliffe, one of Red Skull's allies, orders his demise by the Batallion's hands. The Batallion, however, was easily dispatched by the ring lord's powers. The Mandarin, then, uses his mind-controlled abilities to turn Ratcliffe's men and the Nazis against him, capturing him alive. Unfortunately, not long enough, Dr. Doom sets the whole island into self-destruction, with only Doom, the Mandarin and Emperor Zurg, escaping the holocaust. As for the rest of Red Skull's army, included the Letzte Batallion, they were blasted out by the explosion of the self-destruction of the island.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Fall of England

During the Major's duel with El Supremo, the Letzte Batallion mostly stays out of the fight. They become involved, when the Major is knocked out. With a single sign of the Nazi commander, the Batallion devours the helpless El Supremo. With Supremo gone, the Batallion marches forward to England, as the Major begins his push to take over Europe. As part of the Major's ultimate scheme, he bombs out most of London, while the Batallion looks on.

Blitzkrieg on London

In the later events of the war, the Major, teams up with Cobra Commander. With Cobra eliminating thousands of innocent people in Moscow, the Major and the Letzte Batallion head off to London, where they begin their ultimate plan, the blitzkrieg of London. The Batallion lay waste on London, feasting on the flesh of millions civilians.

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