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The Joker is the most notorious villain of Batman's rogues gallery. Often considered among the best villains in fictional history, the Joker is a deranged, psychopathic clown with no care for human life. Pending on the incarnation, he kills people with weaponized clown props or commonplace weaponry. He has featured most prominently in Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains, DC vs Marvel Villains, Video Game Villains War and Free For All Villains Tournament.


Movies Villains War

Vs Oli

While partaking in his gory hobby, Oli was informed by his men that they had found a rather unusual body in the morgue. As Oli inspected the corpse, he inquired if they had identified the body or found anything of value on it. However, much to his shock, the body rose and revealed himself to be the infamous Joker. The Joker's goons quickly overpowered Oli's henchmen, while Joker himself held Oli at knifepoint, telling the terrified serial killer the gruesome story of how he got his famous scars. After finishing his story, the Joker slit Oli's throat.

Becoming a boss

With Oli dead, the Joker informed Oli's former henchmen that he was interested in expanding his forces, but that only one man would be able to join, leaving them to fight to the death for it. Two men in particular, Norman Stansfield and Clarence Boddicker, were interested in the Joker's proposal.

His Faction

Having defeated Boddicker, Norman Stansfield was welcomed into the Joker's alliance of psychotic killers, which also included Jack Torrance and Patrick Bateman.

Meeting the Criminal Underground

But then, another 'boss' arrives; the Joker. Bill orders one of his men to stop him, but he is killed. The Joker is revealed to be in charge of the meeting along with Oren (perhaps hinting at a relationship?), and he proceeds to address the issues at hand.


The Joker welcomes Hans to his tower and welcomes him as a new member of his group. But he soon realizes that it's a trap: Hans' men kill the clown minions, trap the Joker and inform Agent Smith that they got him. It was in fact a test for Hans to prove loyalty to the Commander; something that the Joker will not soon forget.

In Jail

Kyln prison, controlled by the General Grievous, holds the most dangerous criminals in all the galaxy (at least the ones they could arrest). This includes the likes of Magneto, Bellatrix Lestrange, the Scarecrow, the Lizard, Raoul Silva, Simon Phoenix, Boris the Animal, John Doe…..and now the Joker, having been arrested by Agent Smith, who now seems to want to get closer to the Empire than to the Cobras. In his cell, the Joker faces an old familiar face, who can’t wait to get his revenge and to make him pay for what he has done to him.

Video Game Villains War

Breaking Out

The Joker breaks free from Arkham Asylum, terrorizing Haven City. Baron Praxis is called in to quell the violent killer, only to be treated with laughter. While the Baron uses his war mecha to fire at the clown, the Joker nimbly avoids his cannonfire. Eventually, the Baron gets smart and fires missiles. However, before the Baron can react, the Joker uses one of his television bombs to destroy the Baron's mecha. The Baron thinks he still has the upper hand, but the Joker reveals a small army of fellow Arkham inmates, including Clayface, Harley Quinn, Talia al Ghul, Solomon Grundy, and Poison Ivy. As the Baron tries to cut the Joker down, Joker shoots him dead.

One Crazy Family

Joker, reigning as ruler of Haven City, has an untimely encounter with the deposed Count Veger. Veger gets the draw on Joker, leading the clown to taunt the count. Before Veger can fire, however, Kefka Palazzo appears and captures Veger in a magic sphere. Though Veger tries to explain the situation, Kefka kills Veger without a thought. Joker, finding another kindred homicidal spirit, proposes an alliance. Kefka agrees wholeheartedly.

Throughout the next few days, Kefka and Joker set about releasing inmates from the Asylum, occasionally enhancing them with the drug, Titan. One patient, however, doesn't need the formula to impress the Joker: Psycho Mantis. So to prove his worth, Kefka sends the Special Ops agent to destroy SHODAN, to resounding success. Joker also frees Sweet Tooth from his cell in Arkham.

After Sweet Tooth murders the would-be usurper, Officer Tenpenny, Joker congratulates him on his victory. The celebration is cut short with the arrival of Fritz, left an outcast from the death of his master, Nero Neurosis. Fritz reveals a plan to take over Dreamland. Though Joker is skeptical of the idea, Kefka convinces him to go along with it.

The Conquest of Dreamland

After Scarecrow kills Zero2, the demon maintaining Dreamland's shields, Joker and his men are able to make their way through the kingdom. Joker, along with Harley Quinn, makes his way to King Dedede's inner sanctum, where they find the king trying to escape. He fights back, knocking away Harley Quinn and even the Joker when he gets too close. But the Joker readies a massive supply of explosives and buries Dedede under rubble. As Dedede struggles to get free, Joker produces a knife and finishes the job.

DC Vs Marvel Villains War

Cartoon Villains War

The First Battle

During one of his stays in Arkham Asylum, the Joker receives word that in his absence, another evil clown known as Freakshow has weaseled in and established his Circus Gothica on his territory. Fuming with rage, Joker swears vengeance, and escapes from Arkham that night. Confronting his rival after one of his shows, Joker threatens him with a gun. Unintimidated, Freakshow reveals his ability to control ghosts, and uses his magic scepter to summon several of them to chase Joker away. Thinking quickly, Joker shoots the scepter out of Freakshow’s hand, causing it to shatter and break Freakshow's control over the ghosts. With his enemy powerless, Joker then shoots a pile of boxes, causing them to collapse on top of Freakshow and crush him to death, much to his glee.

Joining Green Goblin

With the upstart dead, Joker sets about reclaiming his territory. While doing so, he receives a visit from a fellow supervillain known as the Green Goblin, who invites him to a meeting, claiming that he has big plans for the upcoming war. Although suspicious of the Goblin, Joker is curious to see what he has in store, and accepts the invitation. He later attends the meeting, alongside fellow crime lord Valmont, where the Green Goblin lays out his plans for the war. He proposes that the three of them combine their resources to form a gang formidable enough to seize control of the criminal underworld, after which they would profit from the war through the black market. Seeing potential in the Green Goblin's plan, the Joker agrees to cooperate with him for the time being.

vs Sideshow Bob

To this end, the Joker begins assembling henchmen for their new gang. For this purpose, Joker frees an old lackey of his, Sideshow Bob, from prison and rehires him, placing him in charge of one of their operations. However, while checking on his progress a few days later, the Joker quickly discovers that Bob is still bitter against him for leaving him to rot in prison for so long, and turns on him, revealing that he has been paid by someone very powerful to eliminate the Clown Prince Of Crime. Bob then attacks, revealing a concealed knife and stabbing him the stomach. Badly wounded, Joker attempts to flee. Unfortunately, Bob pursues him and eventually corners him, preparing to finish him off. However, as Bob prepares to kill the clown, Joker reveals his secret weapon: a rubber fish filled with laughing gas. The gas causes Bob to start laughing maniacally against his will, breaking his mind and leaving him unable to kill Joker. As a final humiliation, Joker has his now insane former henchman locked up in Arkham Asylum.

Wanting killing Kingpin

After further investigation, Joker and his allies discover that the current leaders of the criminal underworld, Kingpin and Tombstone, were the ones who hired Sideshow Bob, and are now seeking to remove Green Goblin's faction from the equation. Seeking to retaliate, Green Goblin goes to take out Tombstone during a charity gala, but ultimately fails in his task, with Joker greeting him as he returns to the base. However, the day is not a complete loss, as Valmont, returning from a mission of his own, reveals that he has found a powerful magical talisman, which could potentially give them an advantage against the crime lords. Although Green Goblin is enthusiastic about the possibilities of the talisman, the Joker suggests that they first test it's power on Valmont's henchmen. Valmont does so, as the talisman's magic grants the three goons incredible magic powers, much to the Goblin's excitement. However, what neither the Green Goblin or Valmont are aware of is that the Joker has already tired of the Goblin's leadership, and is making plans to usurp him.

Gaining new powers

Going behind Green Goblin and Valmont's backs, Joker confronts a vampiric clown known as Zombozo, hoping to gain something by killing him. Zombozo believes that he can easily dispatch the crime lord, but Joker proves to be much more formidable than he looks, especially after getting an unexpected boost in power.

Learning of the Lobe's death, Green Goblin decides to put his plans to dethrone Kingpin and Tombstone and take over the criminal underworld into motion. Despite the Joker's suggestion that they strike immediately, Green Goblin prefers to move forward with his current strategy. Meanwhile, Joker decides to keep his newfound power a secret for the time being, sensing an opportunity coming soon.

Vs Kingpin Forces

Meanwhile, Norman Osborn, once again donning the mask of the Green  Goblin, returns to his faction's base to inform Joker and Valmont that all of the crime lords will be gathered together in one place for the summit. Seeing an opportunity to eliminate all their enemies in one fell swoop, the three decide the time has come at last for them to strike.

At Chairface's mansion, the various crime lords meet for the summit to finalize their alliance. However, Green Goblin, Joker, and Valmont soon arrive to crash the party, forcing Kingpin and his allies to rally their forces to take out the three upstarts once and for all. An all-out gang war breaks out, with Green Goblin causing chaos using his technology, Valmont wielding the power of the talisman, and Joker tapping into his powers. However, the crime lords still vastly outnumber the trio.Joker has a fight with Tombstone,but with his power's help,he crushed him.

Killing Green Goblin

Believing all his enemies to be defeated, Green Goblin settles into his new role as head of the criminal underworld. He doesn't go unchallenged for long, however, as he is interrupted by a surprise visit from the Joker, who suddenly turns on the Goblin, informing him that he has outlived his usefulness, and that he will be taking over his position, as he had been planning to do from the beginning. However, Green Goblin reveals that he had anticipated Joker’s betrayal, and prepares to kill him once and for all. Unfortunately for Gobby, there is one thing he didn't account for, that being Joker’s new abilities.

Becoming the New Bigman of Crime

Joker informs Valmont of the Green Goblin’s death and announces that he will be taking his place as the new Kingpin of Crime, promising him great rewards as long as he stays in line. Although suspicious, Valmont agrees to submit to Joker’s leadership for now.

Joining to Shredder's faction

In the Technodrome, Shredder rages over the loss of the HIVE Five. However, he is interrupted by the arrival of the Joker, who proposes an alliance and offers to lend his vast resources to Shredder’s war effort.

Having defeated Xanatos and taken over New York, Shredder and his allies meet to discuss their plans for the final stages of the war. There, Shredder announces his plans to crush any remaining opposition by using his weapon on the capitals of the nations that have not surrendered to his rule, starting with Washington DC.

Final Battle

Seeing the strength of the enemy forces, Valmont decides to take his leave of Joker and Shredder, fleeing the city.As the Foot Soldiers continue to hold the line against Cobra’s forces, Demona leaps into action, while Joker and his thugs begin to mount a defense, managing to make a dent in the advancing armies.Seeing that the tide of battle is turning, Joker makes an attempt on Skeletor himself, managing to shoot him out the sky. Joker then engages Skeletor in a fight, and although Joker’s powers do give him an edge, Skeletor ultimately proves to be stronger, and leaves Joker badly beaten.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Vs The Shapeshifter

In the time since Weirdmaggedon, Vlad Plasmius retrieved the Joker (who had been stranded in Bill’s dimension), and imprisoned him, studying the effects of Bill’s dimension on him and experimenting on him. However, in Vlad’s absence, Joker decides to make his escape. Unfortunately for him, in order to break out of Vlad’s lab, he must contend with a certain monster he has a less than pleasant history with...

Controlling a gang

Having narrowly escaped his imprisonment, Joker realizes that his time spent in the other dimension has permanently altered him. Meanwhile, he finds himself accosted by the Jokerz (a gang of imitators that sprung up in his absence), and wastes no time showing them who is the real deal.

His new faction

Taking the first step in his plans, the Joker takes control of Arkham Asylum, freeing various super-villains to form his new faction.Joker addresses his forces, including the newly recruited Shego, making his agenda clear.

Disney Vs Comics War

Free For All Villains Tournament

Joker vs. Judge Doom:

Before the War Rises Over The Live Action Universe Joker Had Been Called Upon By Judge Doom Because He wants The Joker Help Him to Become the Most Evil Criminal Master Mind in the Whole Universe. But Joker Decided That it Sound Like That He Should Kill Judge Doom and Become The Most Evil Criminal Master Mind So He Distracted Him With The Dance with the Devil Pun and It Worked and Manages to Use Judge Doom's Steamroller Flaten Him and Walks Off Leaving Him to Die.

Teaming up with Goldfinger:

Meanwhile Goldfinger Finds The Joker on board his Plane for an Alliance. Later He and Goldfinger Meet Up With Dr. No and Goldfinger Suggest Him That He and The Joker Have 2 Hours To Kill Hans Gruber.

Killing Off Judge Doom and Hans Gruber:

During the Gangwar Joker and Judge Doom Face off And Went Sour When Joker Pulls Out His Gun to Shoot Him to Make He is Dead. Then After Oddjob Used His Hat to Push Hans to the Window. Joker Shoots Him to his Doom Which Makes Goldfinger The Most Evil Criminal Master Mind.

Meeting with Jack Torrance:

When The Gangwar Ended With Dr No's Death Over the Hands of Agent Smith Joker Decided to Form an Alliance with Jack Torrance Which He Accept of Join His Forces.

The Riddler in The Joker's Group:

With Agent Smith Killed By Jack Torrance The Joker Introduced The Riddler to Goldfinger.

Joker and Goldfinger vs. Patrick Batemane and Count Olaf:

The Duo: Patrick Batemane (Who was an old friend to Hans Gruber.) and Count Olaf Decided to Kill Both Joker and Goldfinger for Revenge But with all 3 Fighters out Joker was the only one who won.

Joker and Riddler's New Ally:

Meanwhile Joker and Riddler Hired an Old Friend to Take over Goldfinger's Place which is: Two Face!

Joker vs. Sark:

Since the 2nd War Began Joker Decided to Duke out Sark Because He Feared That He Might Be a Threat But Sadly He Failed to Kill Sark and Ended Up at the Animated Universe.

Joker Forming a Deal with Sykes:

Ever Since The Joker was Alone in the Animated Universe. He Decided to Form a Deal to Offer with Sykes to Help Him to Make Him a New Criminal Empire in the Animated Universe. Which Sykes Agreed to Pay Him to Build his Empire. 

Teaming Up with The Riddler: 

After The Riddler was Defeated by Metal Sonic in the Multiverse. The Joker and The Riddler Reunite and They Decided to Go and Find Two Face. 

Joker and Joe Chill: 

Following the Events After The Joker Reunite With The Riddler. Joker Hires an Employee That Used to Work for Sykes Name: Joe Chill. To Kill The Ringmaster. Because He Promises Cruella De Vil That He Would Steal The Money Sykes Promises to Pay The Joker. And Chill Agree to Take Him Down. 

The Joker, Riddler and Two Face's Reunion: 

Following the Events of Agent Bishop's Fight Against Sykes. The Joker and The Riddler Reunite with Two Face. And Two Face Decided to It's time to Finish off Both Cruella and Sykes. And Riddler Suggests that The Trio Betray Sykes. 

Sykes' Death: 

The Joker Arrives at Sykes' Office and Attacked Sykes and Stabbed Him with a Knife. 

Forming an Alliance with The Penguin: 

After The Penguin's Escape From His Fight Against Wrath. The Joker Forge an Alliance with Penguin To See How Useful He is To Help Him Expand His Criminal Empire To Fight Against Cruella's Empire. 

Free For All Heroes vs. Villains War Tournament Series:

One of the first few villains to be summoned by Bowser, Dr Robotnik, Jafar, Maleficent, Loki and Dr Doom:

After the agreement for their alliance is made, Maleficent decides to summon all the villains to aid her alongside Bowser, Robotnik, Jafar, Loki and Doom's plans of ruling the world and one of the first few villains to be summoned reveals to be The Joker who has plans of his own.

Battling against Kim Possible and forming a criminal empire with his new ally: The Green Goblin:

The Joker's presence on the upcoming war doesn't go unnoticed by Wade who informs Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable about The Clown Prince of Crime's plans and Kim along with her friend: Ron goes to investigate The Joker's plans which soon leads them to a fight with the Joker. After retreating from his fight with Kim Possible Joker was displeased with his chance to form an crime spree failed until The Green Goblin arrives to form an alliance with The Joker in exchange they would build a powerful criminal empire between Gotham City, New York City and soon the entire world.

First new member to their criminal empire:

The Joker and The Green Goblin were making war plans for their criminal empire until they get a visit from Edward Nygma A.K.A The Riddler who poses an alliance to join them, seeing potential within him The Joker along with The Green Goblin recruits him to their empire of crime.

Recruiting The Shocker:

After learning about his and Nightmare Moon's first mission together on taking down Mickey, Donald and Goofy. The Joker encounters Shocker and recruits him to his criminal empire which The Shocker accepts the clown's offer of joining his and The Green Goblin's criminal empire.

Sending The Riddler and their newest allies to defeat Batman, Spider Man and Iron Man:

When Amora the Enchantress arrives and assigns both The Joker and The Green Goblin to destroy one or two members of the newly formed alliance between The Justice League and The Avengers, The Joker takes The Riddler's suggestion to test him alongside The Penguin and The Scorpion's skills to the test by taking out Batman and Iron Man while they're on a mission to recruit more allies for their team. Which The Joker, The Green Goblin and Amora the Enchantress accepts The Riddler's suggestion.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Vs Ash

Seeing that Ash Ketchum is the new judge of France, the Joker decides to make his move attempting to take him down. And it seems that the Joker has just one card to complete the task.

New allies

Elsewhere, at Joker Manor, the Joker welcomes his new members into his alliance: the Gangreen Gang, the Schlepper Bros., and Chang.

Sending an ally

Beginning a secret plan, the Joker sends out one of his members of his faction, Chang to cause some destruction all over France.

Two new members

With Chang gone, the Joker brings in two new members of his faction: Duff Killigan and Hun, who the Joker sees these two are somewhat strong.

Meeting Valmont

almont arrives at Joker Manor and asks for help to find their fourth talisman in order to release Shendu. The Joker agrees, and sends out his bumbling henchmen, the Gangreen Gang to France to retrieve it.

Meeting Xanatos

Xanatos is visited by the Joker, who asks him to destroy Ash Ketchum personally. Xanatos accepts the deal, but then out of nowhere comes Magica DeSpell, who offers to help defeat Ash.

Sending his minions

Knowing that Ash Ketchum will have to be defeated somehow, the Joker sends out the Schlepper Bros., to take out his friend, Brock. With the Schlepper Bros.' victory against Brock, the Joker sends Duff Killigan and Hun to take out the next threat none other than another Pokemon trainer known as Paul.Richie comes into Cobra Industries and helps Tracey escape from his cell. However, the Joker was watching this on tape, and dispatches the Gangreen Gang into attacking him.

Vs Gary Oak

With the end of the second war close to an end, the Joker decides to make one last move for now by taking down a Pokemon trainer none other than Gary Oak. And considering he's lost many fights, the Joker assumes this will be very easy. But will it be exactly as he expected?

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Asking Mok

The Joker meets Mok, and tells him about Ash Ketchum alive in the live action universe. Wanting to see him go down, the Joker asks Mok to use his super computer to enter the universe. Has this clown criminal reached a level a consciousness?

Teaming with Dr.Claw

The Joker arrives in Tex Richman's building, and offers an alliance with him and Dr. Claw, who had just returned after losing a fight to Brock.

Teaming with Freddy Krueger

The Joker discusses with Tex Richman and Dr. Claw on how they can get rid of Ash Ketchum and his friends personally, but the discussion is interrupted by Freddy Krueger, who vows to join them much to the Joker's delight.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Vs Stromboli

Coachman sent a good friend of his to kill The Prince of Crime. Stromboli arrive on Joker's lair and hunt the Joker, but Harley Quinn gusted him into the bolt of acid of Joker's. Before Stromboli's melt shower, Joker revealed himself and throw him to death.

Teaming with Green Goblin

Joker team up with another mafioso called Green Goblin.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains Battles 2

Villains Battles 3

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Zombozo

Joker arrived at Zombozo's show which iritates the clown. Joker and his men use a special gas which caused an explosion. After the explosion, Joker lets his wife to deal with Zombozo, by killing him with the same gas.

His faction

Meanwhile, in New York, two gangsters decide to team up, only to kill their enemies.After being defeated by Lex Luthor, Valmont decide to join Green Goblin and Joker. The two accept the deal

Vs Pennywise

Pennywise begins to haunt Joker, then killing him. What Pennywise didn't know is that Joker was ready to defeat the clown, thanks to Harley Quinn helping Joker. Will Pennywise be scary enough to defeat both of them?

Discussing the attack plan

After his battle with Judge Doom, Green Goblin told Joker and Valmont that they will rid of Coachman and Kingpin for good.Joker returns to Valmont and Green Goblin and suggest them to finally attack Coachman and Kingpin. However, Green Goblin tell him to wait for another opportunity.

Vs Sideshow Bob

After killing Stromboli and Pinocchio (off-screen), Coachman congratulates him until Joker arrived and attack them. However, Sideshow Bob is able to defeat Joker and defend Coachman. However, Harley Quinn came to rescue and saved Joker by killing Sideshow Bob.

Testing Valmont

Valmont and Joker discuss a plan to help Green Goblin to rid of Coachman, so Joker sends Valmont to train himself in a forest by killing Lumpjaw. However, Valmont's powers are able to kill the bear easily, making a smile on Joker's face.

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Vs Cruella De Vil

Cruella Devil is increasingly conquering the underworld and this does not appeal to the Joker who, not wanting to lose the dominion of Gotham above all, calls her telling him that he has sent a rocket to destroy the crazy lady's house with her inside her.Cruella, however, manages to escape and orders her two henchmen Horace and Jasper to kill the Joker. The two criminals reach the clown's lair, but will they be able to defeat him?

His faction

Joker begins the rise to the power of crime thanks to his allies: Kingpin, Two-Face, Penguin and Hobgoblin.

Vs Feral Mickey

Following the capture of Mickey Mouse Sykes makes Hugo Strange perform experiments on the mouse thus creating a monster, Strange is not very convinced of the use of this abomination unlike Sykes who decides to test it by freeing it.Then Mickey Mouse (genetically modified) runs into the Joker, who was dealing with one of the many criminals that he is putting on his side, but when the monstrous mouse proves to want to kill the clown will he be able to get away with it?

Teaming with Riddler

The Joker receives a visit from the Riddler, interested in allying himself with the clown and after a bit of discussion, the enigmatic man is greeted with enthusiasm.

Vs Edgar

Edgar goes to the Joker area to look for someone to eliminate, bad luck wants it to be the clown himself, who, knowing of his arrival, gets on an airplane to shoot down the butler.

Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains War

Prepared for war

And the Clown Prince of Crime The Joker prepares to war leaving the rest of the war to be Unknown.

Disney,Non Disney,DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Vs Hello Neightbor

Sent by Pete and Yosemite Sam to take down a very dangerous criminal, Shego topples with none other than Mr. Theodore Peterson, who is the one who ordered Kahl to kill Mok. As the battle rages on, a clown makes his entrance to aid with Shego.

Warned by Pete and Yosemite Sam

Pete and Yosemite Sam, after being informed by Shego of her victory, swear Joker that if he betrays them, that will cost his life. The Joker isn't anyway planning any coup on them as he starts to tell what he knows of Peterson.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

His faction

Meanwhile in Gotham City, the Joker gathers new allies for his uprising in war.

Vs Dr.Drakken

On Pete's behalf, Dr. Drakken and Shego attempt to forge an alliance with them, however the Joker responds by having Harley Quinn attack Shego. Who will have the upper hand?

Planing to kill Pete

After his victory against Shego and Drakken, Joker plans to get rid of Pete with the Penguin's assistance while Harley Quinn is healing at the hospital.Joker sends Poison Ivy on an important task.With Catwoman captured, Joker decides to plan another assault much to a survived Harley Quinn"s annoyance.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Vs Bill Sykes

Joker has Robbed all the Banks, Sykes has been sent by Cruella Devil to deal with him.

His faction

Joker forms his psychopath team.

TV Villains Tournament Remake

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two