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The Jabberwocky

The Jabberwocky is a huge dragon originally appearing from Lewis Caroll's eponymous poem in Alice in Wonderland; he also appears as one of the primary antagonists of the Tim Burton's remake Alice in Wonderland, and its sequel film Alice Through the Looking Glass, although he is viewed as the true villain of the franchise due to his status as a complete monster. A deadly monstrosity under the command of the Red Queen, the Jabberwocky seems to be composed of dark magic, as wisps of black smoke emanate from its body and wings. It also uses purple lightning as a breath weapon, a trait unseen by the original Jabberwocky from the novel. He also appears in the villain wars, usually under the command of the Red Queen or another player, like Sun Lok in the second Disney Villains War, who has the ability to summon him in battle.

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