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Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

Cartoon Villains War


Mojo Jojo, tired of his constant defeats in Townsville, began searching for other lands to conquer. One that caught his eye was the Ice Kingdom. Thinking it would be easy to conquer, Mojo Jojo travelled there, but found himself confronted by the kingdom’s ruler, the Ice King. Angered by the ape’s intrusion, the King demanded that he leave. Mojo, however, laughed off his threats and mocked the King. The King then revealed his ice magic, creating an army of snow creatures and sending them to attack the invader. Mojo, however, merely blasted the creatures down with a laser cannon. Mojo then turned his attention to the King, attempting to shoot him with the laser. However, the Ice King managed to dodge and block the attacks with an ice shield, much to Mojo’s frustration. The King then retaliated, stunning the ape with an icy blast. However, as the Ice King prepared to finish him off, Mojo revealed a hidden pistol and shot the King, knocking him unconscious. With the Ice King defeated, Mojo Jojo gleefully laid claim to the Ice Kingdom.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War


Maleficent send Hades to take care of a powerfull foe named Ice King. Hades inflirtrate in his base and realise that Ice King is goofball so he quickly killed him with his powers.

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