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The Hun Army is a majority of Hun soldiers, led by the ruthless Hun commander, Shan-Yu. They appear as the secondary villains in the Disney animated film, "Mulan". While outnumbered, the Hun Army can be easily disposed off by another powerful rival, like the Snow Queen or Jafar. Even though they have lack of fighting footage, the Hun Army is greatly featured in the villains tournaments, assisting their leader in the conflicts against the villains, or even more, against the heroes.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Inintial Defeat

Setting his sights at the Snow Queen's reign, Shan-Yu commands his army to attack the kingdom. However, the Snow Queen, informed by her mirror about the arrival of the Hun army, creates a massive avalance, that sweeps most of Shan-Yu's Hun warriors. Even though, Shan-Yu, and some elite Hun soldiers, survive the ice-storm, Shan-Yu decides not to strike at the Snow Queen's kingdom, in order to regain strength and soldiers; thus he joins forces with the wicked judge of Paris, Frollo.

Elite Hun Soldiers

Invasion at the Mutants' Lair

Later, Shan-Yu, and some of his Hun warriors, assists two of Frollo's lieutenants, Captain Hook and Rourke, in the upcoming assault on Blackwolf's lair. While Hook sneaks in Blackwolf's headquarters, to deal with the wizard personally, Rourke and Shan-Yu lead their soldiers to the battle, against the mutant army. With many of the mutants defenseless, the Hun warriors succeed in killing many of them. Furthermore, Rourke and Shan-Yu are overexcited, when they learn of Blackwolf's assassination by Hook.

Negotiations with ZigZag

Before the main event would start, ZigZag, a sorcerer in the employ of Ruber, meets with his old friend, Shan-Yu. At his arrival, the Hun warriors seize him, not before Shan-Yu orders them to free the sorcerer, exclaiming that they are ready to face the forces of Ruber.

The Battle of France

Later, Shan-Yu and the Hun warriors play a significant role in the final events of the war, as Ruber and his forces launch a surprise attack in the capital of France, Paris. During the Battle, the Hun warriors knock off the Lizardmen out of the battlefield, though their cover is blown up, after the U.S. Military, led by Kent Mansley, blasts their hideout, destroying their positions. Shan-Yu himself encounters, Tyler, as the warrior makes it up to the Palace of Justice. Shan-Yu manages to overwhelm the warrior and slaughter him in the process. Despite their victory, Shan-Yu and the Hun warriors are forced to retreat from Paris, when Rasputin's dark creatures prove too much for them to fight for.

It is revealed in the Epilogue, that Shan-Yu has taken over China, as it's current ruler. Although, Ruber is officialy crowned as the new King of the World, Shan-Yu plots a scheme, that it would dethrone Ruber and end his legacy.

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Disney Villains War - Reboot

The Hun army appears in the reboot series in a role similar to the original, though altered with few changes.

Traversing through the borders of France, the Hun army, led by Shan Yu, is on the march to attack Duke Igthorn's kingdom.

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Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Mew

The Evil Queen hires Shan-Yu to take out a very rare Pokémon that could be posed as a pretty big threat. Shan-Yu then gathers his Hun army, and head to the snowy mountain to destroy the rare Pokémon known as Mew. But as they arrive, Mew has a little surprise awaiting for them.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Donald and Goofy

En route to Forbidden Mountain, Donald and Goofy passed through a desolate wasteland where the Hunnic warlord Shan Yu and his army had been raiding villages. Seeing the pumpkin coach passing through, the Huns quickly surrounded the defenseless vehicle, knocking Donald and Goofy to the ground and letting the carriage drive over a cliff, where it was destroyed. Shan Yu himself stepped forward and the heroes tried to defend themselves, but the warlord split Donald's sword down the middle with a single blow. Though he had the heroes at his mercy, Shan Yu decided to spare their lives in exchange for them telling Merlin that he was going to strike at China next. Donald and Goofy fled, grateful to be alive but now with no way of rescuing Mickey.

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