The Horned King's Barbarian Guards are the defender knights of the Horned King. They are powerful warriors who can dispatch many intrunders in the realm of Prydain. They are the tertiary villains in the animated movie The Black Cauldron and secondary players in all the major tournaments.

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Final Attack At Ruber Forces

When the forces of Ruber had been grown up with many soldiers and sorcerers, the cruel knight began his invasion at the Horned King's castle. The Horned King's Guards charged at their enemies to defend their master, only to be defeated by the sorcery of Rothbart and ZigZag and the brute strength of Ruber's Metal Army and the Egyptian soldiers of Rameses, allowing Ruber's forces to win the battle against the Horned King. It is unknown if they had been killed in the battlefield or they were still alive. Maybe, after the Horned King's death, they were not interested to participate in any faction or fight in the war and went on with their lives.

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Killing A Certain Gargoyle

After Demona appeared in the Horned King's castle and didn't show respect to the Lich King, he ordered his soldiers to attack the gargoyle. She immediately casted a spell of her own to deflect their weapons and destroyed them at once. Scared by the witch's power, they fled the castle, leaving the Horned King to deal with the sorceress.

Disney Villains War 2

Under Macbeth's Controll and Guarding Their Prisoners.

After the events of the first war, which had result of the death of the Horned King and the defeat of the Black God Chernabog, the warriors were unable to fight due to the fact that they lost their leader who encouraged them and supported them in every battle they had. That was until a new skilled soldier, called by the name Macbeth, found them and recruited them to Frollo's faction.  Macbeth tasked to them to guard the prisoners from the first war so that they will have a high rank and place to Frollo's Alliance.

The Prison Break

After many months passed, since the first war had ended, Macbeth and his forces were confronted by the forces of the Evil Queen, who was furious on Frollo after he rejected her offer to ally with her, since her death from the first war. To begin her revenge against him, she called her army to the Macbeth's castle to free the prisoners, in order to have more allies to her side. Macbeth seeing his enemies, he ordered the Barbarian Guards, along with some troops from Frollo, to attack their rivals. Unfortunately some of them, were blasted by the Evil Queen's catapults, forcing the others to retreat again in a unknown place.

Reunited With An Old King

After their previous failures, the warriors had heard about the Horned King resurrection from the Black Cauldron by the magic of Queen Narissa, and so they returned to his castle to claim their title as the previous loyal sidekicks to the Horned King. The king was glad to see his soldiers back again and he was already putting his plans into action by working against his previous enemies.

Under Attack

When Queen Narissa left her allies to find Doctor Facilier, believing that they are tough and they can take care themselves, they were abused by the arrival of the Sorcerer's Society, which they came under Yzma  instructions. The Horned King immediately sent his servant the Creeper and his soldiers to attack the sorcerers. But this work against them, since they had not magical abilities, and they had been defeated by the sorcery of Ayam Aghoul and Madam Mim. Fortunately for them, when the wizards arrived at the Horned King's throne, the king showed them a vision of their leader, who is the killer of many sorcerers in the previous war, Maleficent. The Sorcerer's Society quickly changed sides with the Horned King, with the exception of Ayam Aghoul, leaving the Horned King excited about his new powers

Victory For Conquering Europe

Soon the Horned King, with the help of the Sorcerer's Society, called his army of the dead to conquer Europe and kill once and for all the wicked fairy Maleficent. After the events of the battle in England, the Horned King claimed himself as the Lich King of Europe, since their previous leaders were dead, leaving his councils to celebrate for that moment. 

Disney Villains War Reboot

The Horned King's barbarians appear in the reboot in a role similar to the original series, although altered with few changes. Under the Horned King's command, the barbarians are sent to deal with the person responsible for most of the villains' attacks.

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